Emma Roberts shares her son’s first photo and reveals his name!

Emma Roberts shares her son's first photo and reveals his name!

According to numerous reports, Emma Roberts welcomed his first son with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund at the end of December 2020. And although this was not confirmed, the rumors were so strong, that all the media carried the news. However, the actress was absent from social media during the last weeks of last year and early 2021.

Emma Roberts shares her son's first photo and reveals his name! (Photo: Instagram)

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Emma Roberts shares her son’s first photo and reveals his name! (Photo: Instagram)

That is why, to the surprise of the world and fans, Emma posted on Tuesday, January 12, a photo of her newborn son on Instagram, as well as a short description with name of his offspring

“Thank you 2020 for doing one thing right,” she wrote in the photo, which shows her swaddling her baby. For now, Roberts is choosing not to show his face. “Our bright light: Rhodes Robert Hedlund“.

Emma Roberts confirmed her pregnancy in August 2020 with a photo showing a relatively advanced ‘baby bump’. In addition, he shared a photograph with the father his baby, her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, with whom he had been dating for a very short time.

Unfortunately your ad did not go as planned, as su madre, Kelly Cunningham, spilled the soup early. After a tabloid reported that Roberts was pregnant (unconfirmed), Cunningham began responding to fans on Instagram who were offering congratulations. “He started interacting with my fans and just thanking them for all their good wishes,” Roberts told Jimmy Kimmel. “It was a disaster and I discovered everything on a plane, so I couldn’t get to her. He couldn’t call her or attack her. ”

Roberts continued: “She said, ‘Thank you so much for the good wishes! We are so excited. ‘ It was endless. My friends sent me screenshots. It was incredible. When I told: ‘Mom, you revealed my pregnancy’. She said, ‘Emma, ​​you announced it!’ And I said, ‘No, I didn’t. That was a tabloid. ‘ And he said, ‘Oh, I didn’t … That wasn’t clear.’

During her pregnancy, Roberts posed for the cover from Cosmopolitan magazine. In doing so, she became the first visibly pregnant woman to grace the cover of the magazine.

In the Cosmo article, Roberts spoke about her journey during pregnancy and her struggle with endometriosis, a disease of which he was diagnosed clinically when he was in his early 20s after years of suffering. “By then, it had affected my fertility. They told me, ‘You should probably freeze your eggs or look for other options,’ ”he explained.

Roberts eventually went through the process of egg freezing and began to “open up to other women” about her experience.

“When I found out about my fertility, I was stunned. It felt so permanent and strangely, I felt like I had done something wrong, ”he told the publication. “I was so grateful to find that I was not alone in this. After all, he hadn’t done anything ‘wrong’. “

Cheers Emma!


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