health authority in favor of tightening restrictions

health authority in favor of tightening restrictions


The Robert Koch institute, responsible for epidemiological monitoring in Germany, said it was in favor of strengthening the restrictions. The country recorded a record number of deaths linked to Covid-19 on Thursday.

“The measures in place now, for me it is not a complete lockdown, there are still too many exceptions,” said institute president Lothar Wieler at a press conference.

However, Germany adopted strict measures several weeks ago, from the closure of schools and high schools, to non-essential shops, bars and restaurants, through drastic restrictions on authorized meetings. Considered a “good student” in the management of the pandemic in the spring, she remains, despite these precautions, hit hard by contamination.

No less than 25,164 new cases have been identified in the past 24 hours and 1,244 deaths, a record number since the start of the pandemic. Angela Merkel and the 16 Länder are expected to discuss possible new measures by January 25.

Too much mobility

Referring to traffic on the roads at weekends, the Robert Koch institute considers in particular that the mobility of Germans is currently less limited than in spring. He also pleads for an increased use of teleworking.

The appearance of the British and South African variants in Germany also worries the institute, which has recorded 16 cases of the first variant and four of the second. With these more contagious variants, “it is possible that the situation will get worse,” Wieler warned.

The president of the Robert Koch institute, however, sees grounds for hope with the vaccination campaign. More than 842,000 people, or 1% of the population, had been vaccinated Thursday in Germany. “By the end of the year, we will have brought this pandemic under control,” Wieler wants to believe.


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