How Trump still wanted to force victory

How Trump still wanted to force victory

Only massive resistance from high officials in the US Department of Justice stopped him. The impeachment procedure is now progressing. It should start on February 9th.


Donald Trump himself admitted that he was a bad loser. Research by US media shows how far he wanted to go. According to information from the US President, who has since resigned New York Times have considered replacing Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Attorney Jeffrey Clark. He should then have forced the reversal of the election result.

The plan from which the Washington Post knows to report, failed only because of resistance from high-ranking officials in the Justice Department. They threatened to be dismissed in rows. This is the only reason Trump has refrained from his plan to overturn the extremely narrow result in the presidential elections in Georgia with the help of Clark – he denies having been involved in an attempt to impeach Rosen.

There Joe Biden had won the race after two recounts by just 11,779 votes. And Rosen was of no help to Trump contesting this, which made the Republican white-hot. So he looked for alternatives.

This included his attempt to pressurize Georgia election officer Brad Raffensperger over the phone. The President’s mandate to the Republican was clear: Raffensperger should “recalculate” the result and “find 11,780 votes”. But he resisted and also published the recording of the phone call.

Hot phase in February

Trump has had bigger problems since the Capitol was stormed by violent supporters and five dead. The impeachment proceedings against him began on Monday evening in the US Senate, which acts as a court, with the reading of the indictment: Trump is accused of “inciting riot”. By February 8, all legal formalities should be completed and all written arguments from the House of Representatives and Trump’s lawyers should be available.

The actual impeachment process in the Senate is due to begin on February 9th. Should Trump be convicted by a two-thirds majority, he will remain banned for life from all offices at the federal level. It is still open, however, whether the 17 Republicans required for this will participate.


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