Impeachment negotiations against Trump start in mid-February

Impeachment negotiations against Trump start in mid-February

The House of Representatives has charged Trump with serious crimes and misdemeanors.


Negotiations on the impeachment of former US President Donald Trump in the Senate should start in mid-February. This was said by Republican Senator Mike Braun on Thursday afternoon (local time) in Washington. Politico magazine had previously reported that the Republican charged with “inciting riot” would be given two weeks to prepare for the state trial.

Serious crimes

The House of Representatives formally charged Trump with serious crimes and misdemeanors on January 13th. Unlike the first impeachment in December 2019, a significant number of Republicans voted for the indictment.

The trial will be conducted in the Senate, presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts, with a two-thirds majority required for conviction. If all 100 Senators vote, the Democrats must win at least 16 Republicans on their side.

Whether the process can even be carried out after Trump’s end of office is controversial. There are no precedents for this. A conviction would not only have a symbolic character.

Although the loss of the office is considered the most serious sanction of impeachment, a judgment could also result in a loss of payments and privileges associated with the office as well as a ban from office. This would mean that Trump would have to bury his ambitions for a political comeback in the 2024 presidential election.

No evidence

Trump’s term ended yesterday Wednesday. He is the first incumbent in nearly three decades to be denied a second term by US citizens. His three immediate predecessors, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, had all been re-elected.

Without any evidence, Trump had insisted after his defeat that the election had been stolen from him. His Vice Mike Pence was under pressure to reject the electoral vote for Biden at a ceremonial session of the US Congress on January 6th. That day, Trump incited his supporters at a large rally in Washington to march to the Capitol, which they then stormed.

The certification of the election had to be interrupted, pictures of the devastated parliament building shocked the USA and the world. After Pence refused to have Trump declared incapable of office, the House of Representatives decided to impeachment.


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