Is it still worth it before the change?

Is it still worth it before the change?

The Toyota Sienna, the cheapest minivan in Mexico, will soon only be a hybrid: is it still worth it before the change?

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The Toyota Sienna, the cheapest minivan in Mexico, will soon only be a hybrid: is it still worth it before the change?

For some reason that many sedans still don’t understand, minivans have managed to survive the SUV craze. The best-selling model of Mexico is also the most accessible: the Toyota sienna. Your new generation will be exclusively hybrid and will be presented shortly, is the previous model worth considering before its departure? We analyze it.

The 2020 Toyota Sienna It is the third generation, which was introduced to the world at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. Yes, it has been with us for a decade, but over the years it has received technological and mechanical updates. Its key, like that of any minivan, is in the use of space.

Minivan-priced three-row SUVs tend to be shorter, which penalizes third-row space. The Toyota Sienna is 5.08 meters long and, depending on the version, has room for seven or eight passengers without compromising trunk space. Toyota reports 1.107 liters of capacity — measured from base to ceiling.

Its great advantage is the use of space in family trips. In front of an SUV, all passengers will have more space for legs and head, and accommodating the luggage of those seven or eight people will be much easier. Seen this way, no other vehicle will offer you such a practical and comfortable solution for this price —575,700 pesos.

Space at the cost of equipment?

He equipment, at least of the base versions, is limited to offering the essentials: manual air conditioning with independent rear controls, reverse camera, four USB ports, cruise control, 7 “screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and tire pressure monitor .

Compared to what an SUV offers in terms of handling or equipment for that price, Sienna is somewhat modest. It pays off with space and versatility, but your customers they must be very clear about that priority.

At the opposite pole, and if the budget is not an impediment, the level of equipment is quite generous in the most equipped versions, to the extent of reaching what an SUV offers at the same price, but with more space. We will find double sunroof, electric side doors, DVD player with 16.4 “screen, two wireless headphones, navigation, JBL sound and up to two 120V connectors.

On a mechanical level, 2020 Toyota Sienna offers a motor 3.5-liter V6, capable of generating 296 hp and 263 lb.-ft. There are no figures to consider it fast, but there is enough power to move with ease, even with the vehicle fully loaded. It employs an eight-speed sequential automatic transmission.

A value proposition that will soon disappear

The new generation Toyota Sienna It will only arrive in a hybrid configuration, which will raise the price even for the base versions. Those looking for a minivan because they value its proposal of space and versatility, but do not have a budget to target the high-end range, will find the 2020 model an interesting option.

The equipment in the versions CE and LE is something fair; they are completely utilitarian in approach. The Sienna XLE, priced at 659,400 pesos and capacity for eight passengers, it seems to us the balance point in the range, with a good level of equipment and comfort so as not to turn to see an SUV.

If your budget is aimed at high-end minivans, waiting for the generation change will be best. The 2021 Toyota Sienna promises major changes in design, handling and interior finishes, with the advantage of a hybrid powertrain that solves the Achilles heel of any family vehicle: consumption.

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