Lady Gaga sings US anthem at Joe Biden’s inauguration

Lady Gaga sings US anthem at Joe Biden's inauguration

Only a few more days, then the elected US President Joe Biden (78) and his future Vice President Kamala Harris (56) will be introduced to their office. At the so-called inauguration on January 20th, the national anthem of the United States of America, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, will be performed – by none other than pop superstar Lady Gaga (34, “Shallow”). The official bodies have confirmed to the industry magazine “Variety”.

Joe Biden and Lady Gaga in 2016

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Joe Biden and Lady Gaga in 2016

Gaga’s no less well-known colleague Jennifer Lopez (51, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”) will also perform, as it goes on. In addition, the poet and activist Amanda Gorman (23) will recite a poem. Possible further performances by artists have not yet been confirmed. At the inauguration of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump (74), singer Jackie Evancho (20), known from the talent show “America’s Got Talent”, sang the anthem.

TV event also planned

A TV special entitled “Celebrating America” ​​will also be broadcast in the USA on January 20 for the inauguration. This will be moderated by Oscar winner Tom Hanks (64). Harris and Biden should also have their say, appearances by stars such as Jon Bon Jovi (58), Justin Timberlake (39) and Demi Lovato (28) are planned.

The special will be broadcast from 02:30 a.m. German time on all major US channels, including ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC. The program is also broadcast on platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon Prime Video.


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