Madrid will monitor compliance with restrictions with drones

Madrid will monitor compliance with restrictions with drones

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A total of 218 agents Municipal Police of Madrid, which will complement the ordinary shifts, will guarantee from this Monday the fulfillment of the new mobility restrictions in the capital; a deployment that will be supported by drones that will monitor the city streets from the air.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has met this Sunday with the Headquarters of the Corps to learn about said operation and, in statements to the media, has specified that the drones control the basic health zones (ZBS) with the highest incidence.

In addition, Almeida has indicated that they have prepared 56 checkpoints in the capital’s ZBS with restrictions. The councilor has stressed the importance of the population abiding by the general measures applied to the entire region.

This Monday the early curfew at 10 pm and the closure of the hotel business at 21; and the prohibition of meetings with non-partners in private spaces.

He also highlighted the work of the Municipal Police at a “particularly complicated” time and stressed that, since a new device was launched in October 2020, more than 57,000 fines to those citizens who have not complied with the established measures by the Administration.

National Police Intervention

On the other hand, and in order to make the device more effective, Almeida has asked the Government Delegation in the region to deployment to the National Police in the streets of Madrid so that deterrents are thus expanded.

“We do not have a desire to sanction or punish, it is a device to prevent and dissuade behaviors that do not comply with the rules. It is essential that the Government Delegation put the National Police in the street to control these devices. We all would appreciate it. “, he pointed out.

Hospitality support

Finally, the mayor highlighted the “unequivocal support” for the hospitality industry by both the City Council of the capital and the Community of Madrid since measures have been adopted from the economic point of view and so that it is open despite the restrictive measures.

Therefore, he pointed out that “the situation is what it is”, but that even so the hotel industry can remain open and has emphasized home delivery, which is “fundamental” for these businesses and represents “a way for them to bars and restaurants can continue to earn income. “

Finally, he stressed that “if the economy stops, the restart would be extremely complicated and that stoppage could have dramatic consequences for employment and the generation of wealth, since many establishments could close down.”


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