Recall: hospital germ found in children’s toys

Recall: hospital germ found in children's toys

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A recall has been issued for children’s toys. A hospital germ could be detected in finger paints.

In times of the corona pandemic, people are happy to at least temporarily satisfy their children. To do this, you try your way through all the employment models. A popular choice: get creative with finger paints. Skin contact should not be a problem with finger paints – on the contrary, after all, they are specially made to come into direct contact with the hands! Now the manufacturer IDEN Berlin has a serious one recall started for one of its colors. They should no longer be used.

In the finger paint of the brand “IDENA” a Hospital germ called “Pseudomonas aerigomona” detected. This is said to have been noticed during a routine check, according to a press release that was published on the “food” portal.

Recall of finger paints due to hospital germs

The following batch of finger paints is affected by the recall:

  • IDENA-Fingermalfarben
  • Colour blue
  • Batch 18-03-119 / 2020-01 (to be found on the can inside the packaging)
  • Manufacturer: Iden Großhandelshaus Berlin eK

As the “German Center for Infection Research” (DZIF) writes, the bacterium can cause wound, urinary tract and lung infections, but also blood poisoning. It is said to be particularly dangerous for immunocompromised people. The main problem is that the germ is considered resistant to many antibiotics.

Even if the pathogen bears a risk, especially for people with poor immunity, healthy children should expressly no longer use the paint. According to the manufacturer, a possible swallowing of the finger paints should already be prevented by a bitter taste. Nevertheless, parents are on the safe side if they simply dispose of the affected product.

Customers also have the option of returning the finger paints in the appropriate shops or of contacting the manufacturer Iden directly.

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