see tips for doing well at work

see tips for doing well at work

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With the beginning of 2021, it is time to roll up your sleeves to take the paper goals this new year. According to the latest survey developed by 7 Waves, on the wish list of Brazilians this year: 54.2% has the goal of be promoted in 2021. But what to do to improve your work? How to grow in the midst of unemployment, generated by the pandemic in 2020?

According to the careers, Leandro Rampazzo, one must be aware of the chances that arise. “Sometimes the opportunity is ahead of us and we are simply so caught up in the routine that we don’t see what we can do better to rise to a new position or change roles within the company itself. Talking to the manager and understanding the moment the company is in can open several doors for the employee ”, explains the team leader at Godiva Propaganda.

When the professional sees himself as an effective part of a company, can look at daily challenges in a different way. “This year, the digital transformation has been accelerated and we all need to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Having ideas that facilitate the processes can be the big key not only for the company but also for your career as a whole ”, emphasizes the specialist.

Thinking about all these scenarios, Leandro Rampazzo, gives 5 tips to be promoted in 2021. Check it out below!

Check out the best tips to be promoted on the job

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Identify your need

“It is necessary to know and visualize what you really are and want in the company. What skills do you have the most adherence and desire to do. It is no use going on the “wave” of market and not take advantage of its potential for a certain skill ”.

“Do you have a chance for growth? Do you want to continue in this company? Where do you want to be 5 years from now and where do you want the company to be? Align your attitudes and wills with your work, and the company’s values ​​”.

Set objectives and goals

“What the market needs most are professionals with emotional intelligence and organization of their routines. Even more so in times of home office, you need to know where your work is going, what his product is. Set objectives and goals with different times, some daily and others monthly. So you also recognize your own evolution

as a person and professional. ”

Create a social network

“We are in a technological age, all of our behavior is measured. Having a good relationship network, in addition to creating an environment of job more harmonious and lighter makes people remember and empathize with you ”.

“Get other professionals to associate your image with professionalism and charisma, so that you can be appointed to exercise a leadership position. Participate in lectures, congresses and workshops they are good alternatives to meet professionals in your area. ”

Learn how to sell your work

“If the first tip is for you to review your points and objectives, this is for you to learn to see your qualities. Thus, you will know how to speak with ownership of who you are and what you want. Keep a portfolio updated with your work performed, and share, whenever possible, the company’s achievements. So showing your differential. ”

Always be up to date

“Today, the market demands that professionals constantly update themselves, especially with new technologies. Study and learn more about

your area and its trends, are certainly a differentiator for anyone and seen with good eyes by managers. ”

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