Starting in spring from around 10,000 euros

Starting in spring from around 10,000 euros

The TS Bravo from Alrendo Motorcycles from Wuxing in China looks like a Ducati Diavel. Your drive is purely electric.

© Alrendo

Alrendo Motorcycles is already on the domestic market with the TS Bravo. Starting in spring, the plan is to bring the electric bike to European roads. Visually, the TS Bravo should definitely appeal to the European public, as it eagerly imitates the lines of the Ducati Diavel.

75 hp meet 200 kilograms

Under the plastic cladding, however, there is no potent combustion engine, but an electric drive train. The electric motor has an output of 75 hp and a torque of just under 118 Nm. The final drive takes place via a toothed belt. The Chinese are installing a 16.6 kWh battery as energy storage device, which should enable ranges of between 150 and 420 kilometers depending on the driving style. Ok, the maximum range requires a permanent speed of a maximum of 50 km / h. The battery can be recharged with the 3.8 kW onboard charger in three hours and 40 minutes.

The top speed of the TS Bravo is limited to 135 km / h, the weight is a rather modest 200 kilograms. In return, the e-bike can load properly with 210 kilograms. The Bravo relies on 17-inch wheels at the front and rear, fitted with 120/70 tires at the front and 180/55 at the rear. At the front, a 300 double disc brake system with four-piston calipers attached radially to a USD fork decelerates. The rear is supported by a 240 disc in combination with two-piston pliers. ABS is mandatory.

From May from around 10,000 euros

From a seat height of 760 millimeters, the pilot directs the Bravo using a cranked tubular handlebar. A large digital display in the cockpit provides information and the lighting is based on LED technology. The angled rear swing arm with girders is supported by a central spring strut.

The first TS Bravo will be offered in Europe as early as May 2021. The colors blue, gray and black are available. The price quoted is 9,995 euros. The machines can now be pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website against a deposit of 300 euros. The European dealer network is still being established.


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