Theft in an apartment in Minas Gerais causes a loss of more than R $ 100 thousand

Theft in an apartment in Minas Gerais causes a loss of more than R $ 100 thousand

Last Monday (11), a suspect broke into an apartment in Lourdes, an upscale neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, and stole property valued at more than R $ 100,000.

According to the Military Police, the criminal took several goods, such as electronic devices and cash, 10,000 euros, equivalent to almost R $ 64,000, which were hidden in sockets with blind covers, and US $ 3,000, or about R $ 15.8 thousand, hidden in the laundry area. Jewels valued at R $ 30,000 were also stolen.

As determined by UOL, the porter was at lunch time and the caretaker said that, because he was new in that role, he believed he was a resident. Lucas Beltrão, son of Denise Beltrão, owner of the invaded property, revealed that his mother was traveling at the time of the robbery.

According to Lucas’ report to UOL, Denise received notification of the alarm on her cell phone and called her son hours later to confirm that he was the one at the scene. “It was not me. I went to the place and it was not too overturned. He (the suspect) went to the exact places where the goods and money were, ”he said.

Lucas also said that the family is suspicious of two doormen, who would know that Denise was traveling, and a former maid, fired about six months ago. “Only they really knew about the property and the routine of the property. [O suspeito] went up the stairs and went straight to my mother’s apartment, found where everything was hidden, and then went to another apartment that is empty because the resident died recently, ”he revealed.

“But a daily cleaner was there, asked him about his presence and he ran. She called the concierge to prevent him from leaving, but the doorman let him go, ”he said.

A police report was registered. For Lucas, the effort now is to find the assailant and try to recover part of the damage.


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