These non-alcoholic cocktail recipes make Dry January a pleasure

These non-alcoholic cocktail recipes make Dry January a pleasure

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Laori Tonic Laori Dinks

  • The “Dry January” marks the alcohol-free start to the new year
  • Not using alcohol can still taste delicious
  • The best cocktail recipes without alcohol

There are many good reasons not to drink. Alcohol-free January – or Dry January – is one. After the gluttony of the festive season, many desire a healthier lifestyle. Drinking less alcohol is a classic New Year’s resolution.

For whatever reason you are on alcohol wants to do without, nobody has to chastise themselves today. After all, non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails are all the rage anyway. We’ve put together the best recipes for Dry January (and beyond). Chin Chin!

Dry January: 4 cocktail recipes without alcohol

1. The winter warmer: Seedlip

This cocktail is the perfect, warming one Mulled wine alternative after a long winter walk. “Seedlip” is the pioneer among non-alcoholic spirits. A herbal distillate, free from sugar and sweeteners.

The recipe:

  • 50 ml Seedlip Spice 94
  • 15 ml of fresh lemon juice
  • 15 ml honey
  • hot water

Put all ingredients in a heat-resistant glass, mix and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

2. The Aperitif: Undone

Red vermouth on ice is a classic among the aperitifs. Bitter, sweet and refreshing, it makes you want to eat afterwards – also in the non-alcoholic version of the German start-up “Undone”.

The recipe:

Fill a tumbler generously with ice, pour in non-alcoholic vermouth and garnish with a slice of orange. If that’s too pure for you, add a sip of soda.

3. The immune booster: Gimber

The ginger-Drink “Gimber” is the perfect mocktail for everyone who likes it hot and healthy. The 100 percent natural ginger concentrate without preservatives and flavor enhancers contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial gingerol and makes the alcohol-free cocktail a real immune booster.

The recipe:

Fill a tumbler with ice cubes, add a shot of “Gimber” and, depending on the degree of hardness required (careful, spicy!), Pour soda on top. Garnish with thyme, rosemary or mint.

4. The classic: Gin and Tonic with Laori

The recipe:

Fill a long drink glass with ice. Add a shot of the non-alcoholic “Laori” gin and pour on a bitter tonic. Garnish with lemon or a slice of cucumber.

Stella and Christian, the founders of the German alternative gin “Laori” have put together a few facts for Dry January:


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