These shirts are warm and stylish

These shirts are warm and stylish

Woman in long-sleeved undershirt

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Woman in long-sleeved undershirt

An undershirt is a big topic, especially in winter. So that you don’t have to freeze in the cold season, we present you nice shirts for underneath.

Undershirts: What do you have to pay attention to?

An undershirt is your practical companion in all situations, whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved – the functional shirts are real all-rounders. The shirts for underneath should therefore not be missing in your wardrobe. Since they are commercially available in many colors and materials, they are practical and versatile. The times when undershirts were only supposed to keep you warm and were rather hidden are long gone. In the meantime, the practical items of clothing have become fashionable and can be seen and worn alone. Whether playful with lace trim or sporty and clean – you will find the right functional shirt for every occasion. When buying, you should pay particular attention to the material. This determines the wearing comfort and whether you feel comfortable in your outfit.

Undershirts for women

One of the most important features of a functional shirt for women is the material. It has to be soft and breathable because it lies directly on the skin and should regulate your body temperature. Materials made from natural fibers such as cotton or modal are therefore particularly suitable. If you want to make sure that your shirt is not contaminated with harmful substances, you can also look for the so-called Oeko-Tex seal when buying. The textile seals are awarded by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology, which prove the harmlessness to health and confirm that socially and environmentally compatible production conditions are given in the production facilities. A Long-sleeved shirt from Armedangels Made of pure organic cotton, you can find aftermarket shopping on Amazon.

The properties:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • vegan
  • Made in Portugal under fair conditions

It becomes particularly cozy if your shirt is made from a mix of materials such as modal and cashmere, for example. Since modal is a natural and very skin-friendly material, it feels pleasantly soft and at the same time has a very warming function due to the cashmere content. So ideal for the cold season. You don’t have to be particularly careful when washing either. You can machine wash cotton shirts up to 60 degrees. In contrast, we recommend that you wash undershirts made of finer materials such as cashmere in the wool program at a maximum of 30 degrees. With cashmere and the like, you should do without the dryer and dry your undershirt lying down in the air. Merino wool is also good for underneath, as it warms when it’s cold, but also cools when it’s warm. For example, you can find a soft one on Amazon Undershirt made of organic merino wool by Dilling.

The properties:

  • 100% organic merino wool
  • skin-friendly
  • sustainable product

In addition to their practical properties, undershirts should also look fashionable. In the meantime, women’s shirts are no longer buried as unpleasant items of clothing in the far corner of the closet. For example, if you like it playful, shirts with lace are a good alternative to the classic white undershirt. But a button placket or an ornament on the neckline can also provide the fashionable twist. You can find nice examples on Amazon for after-shopping. For example that V-Neck-Shirt von Calida made of new wool and silk with lace trim or that Round neck shirt made of cotton with button placket by Schiesser.

The properties:

  • 70% virgin wool, 30% silk
  • cools on warm and warms on cold days
  • Fine rib 2: 2

The properties:

  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • fine, elastic double rib quality
  • woven, shimmering accents on the neckline and button placket

Undershirt skin-colored

In contrast to white or colored shirts, skin-colored undershirts are real wonder weapons. If you want to hide your bra or wear a tight outfit, a skin-colored top or shirt can be your salvation. Even with semi-transparent blouses, a skin-colored undershirt simply removes the seams. Shaping shirts, also known as shapewear, are now also very popular and give your curves the right support where you need it without constricting yourself. Since skin-colored shirts and shaping underwear are often made of a cotton-polyester mixture, they can only be machine washed at up to 40 degrees. Undershirts made of pure cotton can be washed at 60 degrees. A skin-colored undershirt from Hanro can be found on Amazon.

The properties:

  • 100% cotton
  • extra soft grip
  • flat, invisible ends at the neckline

Undershirts for sports

For sport or similar activities, you need a breathable undershirt that can also absorb moisture. Cotton is very suitable for this functional fashion, which is also known as active wear, as the material has these positive properties. But functional materials such as polyester can also be given special properties and thus regulate the temperature or have an antibacterial function. Underwear shirts in particular have to be washed clean and odor-free. But that too Washing your sportswear is not a big deal. You can machine wash shirts made of cotton at up to 60 degrees, on the other hand you should not exceed the washing temperature of 40 degrees for synthetic materials such as polyester. The Long-sleeved shirt by Hummel For example, it has no annoying, chafing seams and is therefore particularly suitable for sporting activities.

The properties:

  • 92% polyamide, 8% elastane
  • body-hugging seamless design
  • very stretchy

Thermal undershirt

If you are also cold easily and it can never be too warm, a thermal shirt will do you a good service. A roughened inside of the undershirt with thermal effect helps to protect the body from cooling down. So you stay extra warm in winter. The warming shirts are available in cotton or a polyester blend. When washing, you simply pay attention to the care instructions. Usually your shirt can be washed up to 40 degrees. A warming one Shirt from the brand con-ta in ring optics you can find for example on Amazon.

The properties:

  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • particularly warming
  • roughened fine rib

Organic undershirt

Your undershirt should feel like a second skin. So that you feel particularly comfortable in it and do not have to worry about harmful substances, you can use an organic undershirt. Many brands now offer their shirts in organic quality, for example excluding the use of pesticides in the cultivation of cotton. As mentioned above, the Oeko-Tex seal can also help when choosing a pollutant-free shirt. A Fairtrade, Oeko-Tex and Ecolabel certified Organic shirt by Green Cat can be found on Amazon in different colors.

The properties:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • from sustainable production
  • free from pollutants

Functional shirts for men

There is also a large selection of functional shirts for men that can be worn under a shirt, for example. Whether in the long-sleeved or short-sleeved version, with a round neckline, turtleneck or at least V-neck, the wearer decides according to their preference and purpose. When it comes to wearing functional underwear, the material is once again decisive. While natural fibers like cotton feel comfortable on the skin, synthetic fibers like polyester can be uncomfortable in the long run and literally make the wearer sweat.

Cotton undershirt

With the undershirt, which is worn under the shirt, you should pay attention to the cut of the neck hole so that the shirt does not flash out from under the shirt. You should also use a breathable material. Shirts made of cotton are therefore ideal under the shirt. They are comfortable on the skin and absorb moisture. Ideal for a stressful day in the office. A set from Cotton undershirts from Boss you can shop here at Amazon.

The properties:

  • 100% cotton
  • soft jersey
  • Three-pack

Thermal undershirt

When the temperatures drop, the shirt underneath should keep you warm. Thermal undershirts or functional underwear for men are the perfect alternative to the normal white undershirt made of cotton and are available in many colors. On Amazon, for example, you can find a ultra-warm shirt from Under Armor, which has a brushed inside and a smooth, quick-drying outside.

The properties:

  • 87% polyester, 13% elastane
  • dries quickly
  • prevents odor formation

How do I wash my undershirt?

We have presented you with a selection of materials for your underwear, but not all items of clothing can be washed in the same way. In general, cotton can be machine washed at higher temperatures than polyester, for example. Underwear made from synthetic fibers such as polyester would simply melt if the temperature was too high. Therefore a washing temperature of 30 degrees should not be exceeded. Even fine materials such as merino wool or silk do not tolerate washing temperatures above 30 degrees. When it comes to detergent, you don’t have to pay attention to any special features with cotton items. With sensitive wool or silk materials, on the other hand, you should use a special mild detergent or wool detergent.

Can undershirts go in the dryer?

Your cotton undershirt can easily go into the dryer after washing. With polyester and Co., however, it should definitely be avoided. The synthetic fibers would not be able to withstand the high dryer temperatures. Fine materials such as merino wool or silk do not belong in the tumble dryer. You can better let these air dry while lying down.

How long does an undershirt last?

If you take good care of your underwear and follow the temperature specifications when washing, you can enjoy your undershirt for a long time. A little tip for a long life of your underwear: Do not use the wash cycle softener. Commercially available fabric softeners usually contain cationic surfactants, which cover the fibers of your clothing with a film to make them soft. However, these surfactants are not good for your clothes, your skin or the environment.

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