5 ridiculous expectations in a relationship

5 ridiculous expectations in a relationship

Evan Marc Katz

5 things that are completely tolerable in a couple and that in fact thinking about changing it is ridiculous and will only bring us more fights.

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5 things that are completely tolerable in a couple and that in fact thinking about changing it is ridiculous and will only bring us more fights.

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5 tolerable things in a relationship: trying to change it is ridiculous

Has annoying habits: be late, leave the toilet up, wear old clothes you don’t like

Slideshow: The Most Absurd Rules of Conquest of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s (StarsInsider)

Dating today is very easy, thanks to the help of the apps to meet people and we enjoy more relaxed rules than previous generations had, however, even if you choose to flirt through an 'app' , there are still certain elements that can make it difficult to get an appointment: which application to use, how to build a certain profile to attract the right kind of people, be careful not to be deceived, keep all messages up to date and be careful when Time to choose a place for the first date. Yes, the romance has completely changed. The magic of the first fortuitous moments and the flirtatiousness of the crossed glances between complete strangers have given way to the meticulous inspection of the profiles on the net, as if it were a showcase of hearts. Flirting in the 21st century has nothing to do with it. do with the strict ethical codes that were in style in the first half of the 20th century. Every year thousands of books and magazines were printed dedicated to teaching young people to respect etiquette in a first meeting. Now, those texts seem to belong to prehistory. From creepy macho gender roles to things that were considered bad taste without being it at all (at least today), all these rules would not last two minutes standing on a current date . Click through this gallery to discover the most absurd etiquette rules of the 30s, 40s and 50s!

He makes less money than you: It doesn’t have to support you financially, it has to support you emotionally.

You notice other women: talks about experience with exes, still turns his head towards other women

It is different from you: An independent man you respect will not do everything you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

It is tolerant: kindness is often confused with weakness, but finding a man who accepts you completely is no small thing; you shouldn’t blame him for not being more fierce / critical.

5 things you should not put up with:

Lack of character: a guy who lies and does unethical things in business is probably unethical as a romantic partner

Lack of kindness: You have to do at least some of the little things: housework, parenting, asking about your day, trying to improve your life.

Lack of communication: unwillingness to listen to your feelings, unwillingness to talk about yours, unwillingness to apologize

Lack of compromise: cheating is never acceptable, even if it’s just virtual

Lack of coherence: only hear from him once a week, silent treatments after fights


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