8 things you should never hide from your partner to have a harmonious relationship

8 things you should never hide from your partner to have a harmonious relationship

Experts assure that the basis of a Relationship communication is healthy and they are absolutely right, because without it everything can fall apart even if there is a lot of love involved.

8 things you should never hide from your partner to have a harmonious relationship

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8 things you should never hide from your partner to have a harmonious relationship

And it is clear that no couple is perfect, but you can work to get to a ideal relationship full of harmony.

To get there, you must open your mind and heart so that the other person knows you, really knows how you think and the plans you have in mind for the future, since it has been seen that some relationships of several years and that are apparently stable end their relationship because at the mere hour they realized that various details that were never mentioned.

If you want avoid confusion and poor communication, what you can do is tell your special person several key points, which I am going to mention below and which you can begin to put on the table from now on, taking advantage of the approaching February 14th, Day of Love and Friendship.

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1. Some important situation from the past

Your past is your past and it does not mean that your current partner must know absolutely everything in detail, however, he does have the right to know important situations or that marked you in order to know you in depth and know your feelings.

It can be the story with an ex-partner or a traumatic event that can affect the harmony of your relationship.

2. Your financial situation or economic problems

If you already live with your partner or are even married, the issue of money is basic, because even if it sounds cold, it is an aspect that many couples argue or have problems about when they are not 100% sincere.

It does not mean that your boyfriend or girlfriend should know in detail your financial movements, but it does mean those that involve and affect both of you.

It is very important that if you have a debt, you talk about it so that they can find a solution and not affect them in the future.

3. If something does not seem to you

They will not always agree and it is fine, it is healthy, but you should communicate your position to your partner if something about him or her does not agree with you.

It may be a way of thinking or a habit, but try to say what you think in a peaceful, caring and loving way.


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4. Your political and religious positions

It seems strange, but the reality is that several couples have problems due to this type of posture, because there are people who, in order not to be bad with their partner, hide it or avoid the issue despite not agreeing, so the best thing is that from Initially, talk about your interests.

At this point, tolerance and the questioning of how much you accept certain positions and if you are willing or willing to be with someone like that comes in. Keep an eye out!

5. Diseases

If at any time you suffer from an important condition, do not hide it from your partner even if you do not want to worry her, because it is best to establish good communication on something as important as health.

Your partner will support you and together you will find a way to get ahead.

6. Sexual problems

This is another reason why some couples end up due to lack of communication.

Put aside the taboos and be honest and open with the person you love. If you don’t have satisfaction, if you want to try new things, or even if you have a sex disease, don’t skip it!

7. Some addiction

Most likely, your partner is aware of a situation of this type, however, from the beginning you must be completely honest about any important situation such as an addiction, as this can affect the relationship, since it is not only you, if not you are with someone.

If this happens to you, go to an expert to treat it, because if you do not do it in time it can affect not only your relationship with your partner, but also with family or friends.

8. Your emotions

It’s basic, but many couples don’t do it out of fear of what their partner will say or to be ‘okay’.

Open your heart and be very sincere with the person you love and who loves you. Work on controlling any negative emotions that cause you to raise your voice or become pointlessly angry, and instead speak calmly, patiently, and lovingly.

She or he is not going to judge you.

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