900 series packed with accessories – Hornig BMW F 900 XR and F 900 R.

900 series packed with accessories - Hornig BMW F 900 XR and F 900 R.

In 2021, accessories manufacturer Hornig will celebrate its 20th anniversary – with the mid-range bikes BMW F 900 XR and F 900 R, which have been equipped with bold accessories for this purpose.

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The BMW F 900 XR gets a handlebar riser from Hornig to make the seating position even more comfortable – not only does it go 30 mm up, but the handlebars also move 25 mm closer to the driver. At the front a smoke-gray windshield stands against the airstream. The highlight: At the upper end, it has an adjustable spoiler that can be manually adjusted to seven positions and is intended to reduce turbulence through its rear flow. Visually and functionally, the Hornig-BMW F 900 XR naturally also includes the wind deflectors on the handlebars. And if you want a larger field of vision to the rear, you can fall back on Hornig’s mirror extensions.

In the cockpit, a GPS mount sits enthroned above the color display of the F 900 XR. The navigation system positions Hornig high up so that the view back to the street has the shortest possible way. There is also a protective film for the navigation display.

Seat adjustment BMW F 900 XR

If you want to have your bench adjusted, you can send it to Hornig and have the upholstery provided with a groove to relieve the tailbone. Widening the bench by 15 mm is also no problem, and the seat can also be padded or upholstered by 25 mm.

Luggage solutions

Hornig has various options for luggage on tour. The tank bag comes with an A5 card compartment and offers up to seven liters of storage space, but it can also simply accommodate the card on its flat surface. It is attached to the tank with four suction cups. If there is no passenger on board, a rear bag can travel in this space, but it also fits on a luggage rack behind the front passenger. The up to 21 cm high bag swallows eight to 16 liters of luggage.

Lever and fall protection

Almost too good to be hidden behind the wind deflectors on a red BMW F 900 XR: the red and black Tector brake and clutch levers. The lever length of the CNC-milled aluminum parts is freely adjustable and the distance to the handlebar can be selected from six positions. There are also handlebar weights made of stainless steel for the handlebars. Together with the fork crash pads, the crash pads for the swing arm and the frame cover caps, they are designed to protect against damage in the event of a fall. The bike protectors are joined by a black anodized oil cover and the rear fender extension, which is supposed to keep stone chips and dirt under control.

Accessories for BMW F 900 R

Hornig equips the BMW F 900 R with a touring shield, which – similar to a Ténéré – extends forward at the upper end. Unusual sight, but the F 900 R can actually carry it well. There is also a nine to 14 liter tank bag between the arms – this model also comes with a card compartment.

Grip pads and handlebar weights should ensure less vibrations, the side stand foot enlargement for safe parking and the crash bars, fork crash pads and swing arm pads for as little – or at least only minor – damage in the event of a fall.

The blue BMW F 900 R has the Tector brake and clutch levers in blue. In contrast to the red rim stickers on the XR, silver stickers flash on the F 900 R. What both have in common from Hornig are the Remus NXT silencer and the gear lever enlargement.

We have noted prices for all accessories in the picture gallery.


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