Chamber evaluates slicing proposal and approving aid before tax measures required by Guedes

Lira again talks about 'exceptionalizing' emergency aid and defends respect for the ceiling

BRASILIA – A Chamber of Deputies evaluates slicing the Emergency Constitution Amendment Proposal (PEC) and to first approve the device that authorizes the government to launch a new round of aid this year before measures to strengthen spending containment rules for future crises.

The matter has been discussed in recent days, but faces resistance from the Ministry of Economy. The portfolio tries to stop the pressure, which increased from Monday, 22, to this Tuesday, 23. The minister Paulo Guedes it has already accepted the granting of the aid without cost-cutting counterparts at this time and put its future in the government in approving a text of the PEC with “crisis protocol” without dehydration. Now, it unfolds to articulate that approval.

The Senate ruled the proposal for Thursday, the 25th. The Chamber must vote on the text in the sequence. With this strategy, Congress can first enact only the article that allows a “fast track” to take advantage of the paper. He authorizes the aid to be paid without a new calamity, through extraordinary credit outside the spending ceiling (rule that limits the advance of expenses to inflation) and without interfering in the effort that the economic team needs to make to reach the primary goal. , which allows a leak of up to R $ 247.1 billion.

Minister Paulo Guedes and the mayor, Arthur Lira, have a meeting this Tuesday.

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Minister Paulo Guedes and the mayor, Arthur Lira, have a meeting this Tuesday.

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The Mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), meets this Tuesday with Guedes, who canceled its participation in the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) event on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

For members of the economic team, Lira would be committed to the vote of the PEC with adjustments. They recall a message posted on Monday by the mayor highlighting the PEC vote as a landmark in public finance in the country and voting until March 25. The mayor, on the other hand, has repeated that he will always hear the position of the leaders democratically.

The problem is that the leaders of the Chamber believe that the analysis of fiscal measures may delay the vote of the PEC, while the return of aid is considered urgent in the face of the pandemic of the covid-19.

Governors in Congress confirmed that the slicing is being analyzed, but point out that it is very complicated to know what would be highlighted. It is estimated that pressure to pay aid may help to promote an understanding of the processing procedure.

The slicing of the PEC, however, would be a faster way to provide legal support to the opening of an extraordinary credit in the Budget and start the payment of the new round. The other items of the PEC, among them the most controversial, such as the triggers to contain expenses in the federal government, in the States and in the municipalities, would be for a second moment.


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