Cross and further – Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Cross and further - Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

More interior space, more cargo space, more ground clearance: as a Cross Turismo, the Porsche Taycan expands its possibilities with thoroughly practical elements. And what happens to the breathtaking dynamics? We’re driving it out.

© Hendryk Meyer

Now the change has also hit the paint. In the past, manufacturers would have preferred to go into the water than give us a dirty car, this time dirty is the order of the day. Stop: It’s not just dirt. It’s patina. Applied with love by ten journalists from five countries. USA, Norway, Great Britain, Netherlands and Germany, which would name the main markets of Cross Turismo. Basically.

We’ll be very specific and local today on board the prototype, a Turbo S, which will roll onto the stage as it is at the end of its tour. For the world premiere with spotlights and such. Today he is allowed to show what is going on with him on our home routes around Stuttgart. And whether the slightly more airy body and the slightly increased ground clearance of the Cross Turismo rob any of the vigor and temperament of the well-known Taycan. We spoil quite brazenly: no.

Spacious and dynamic

Taycan friends don’t have to get used to anything. At the front everything stayed the same, allegedly the headroom increased by an amount that is felt at most by people who can hear the electricity provider from the noise of the electric motor. Further on, things become clearer: the large, steeper tailgate and the accompanying silhouette create the desired, spacious, more enterprising impression – somewhere between Alltrack, Shooting Brake and Sport Turismo. Including more air above the heads of the passengers and more space for luggage, which previously had to be arranged on a rather meager 366 liters standard volume.

So a station wagon? Just don’t! Never call a Porsche station wagon. Especially since the Cross Turismo boots around with a tad more ground clearance and probably also basically all-wheel drive. Okay, without it it would be difficult with the Turbo S either, after all, it has a synchronous electric motor on the front and rear axles on the asphalt. Together, they threaten it with up to 761 hp and 1,050 Newton meters – and that virtually from a standing start (maximum torque only with Launch Control).

Relentless traction and chiseled steering

Even if the drive is a little more relaxed in normal or sport mode, there is always more than enough pressure on the accelerator pedal. Then let’s press – and steer. The Cross Turismo can do both, also at the same time, which means we break the story spoiler. Finely chiseled steering, breathtaking body control, relentless traction, all connected in real time via so-called 4D management. Sounds like marketing, but it works in a sensually disturbing and inspiring way.

Like the well-known Taycan, the Cross Turismo drives remarkably quickly, comfortably and quietly, as only the electric drive can do. The weight is cleverly concealed by the low center of gravity, and the 93.4 kWh battery, which is rooted in the vehicle floor, provides high rigidity. The Sport Plus mode delivers a portion of old-school drama, when the synth sound and the occasional gear changes of the two-speed gearbox on the rear axle provide reminiscences of the combustion engine. You don’t have to leave the field to change completely.


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