Cycling is gaining ground … but so is the company car

Cycling is gaining ground ... but so is the company car

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While cycling clearly gained ground last year for travel between home and work, the share of employees owning a company car continues to increase, according to the company’s annual mobility barometer. Acerta human resources services, carried out with 40,000 companies.

‘The coronavirus has increased the popularity of cycling tenfold, but the car remains in the lead. This is not necessarily bad news, because even after the coronavirus, we will travel fewer kilometers for our home-work trips thanks to the success of telework ‘, summarizes Olivier Marcq, mobility expert at Acerta, quoted in a press release. .

1 in 3 workers took out their bike in 2020

In 2020, one in three workers cycled to work, sometimes in combination with another form of transportation, and 14.6% rode their bikes every time they had to get to work. The use of bicycles has thus increased by 9.1% compared to 2019. Electric bicycles, the construction of cycling infrastructure and the health crisis undoubtedly explain this resurgence in popularity of the ‘Little Queen’.

However, the car remains the primary mode of commuting between home and work. One in five Belgian private sector employees has a company car. This is 5.5% more than in 2019 and even 25% more than five years ago.

Almost eight in 10 (78.3%) home-to-work trips in 2020 were made (at least in part) with a private or company car. In 2019, that percentage stood at 77.5%, according to Acerta.

The ‘big losers’

However, the number of kilometers traveled by car has fallen considerably due to the health crisis and the use of teleworking.

The ‘big losers’ in Acerta’s annual mobility study are public transport: 8.1% of Belgian workers from the private sector sometimes take the train, tram and / or bus and 6% do so always. In both cases, this is a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

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