Even in prison, Daniel Silveira receives full salary and all benefits to pay for the office

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BRASILIA – Despite the arrest in flagrante delicto by order of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), maintained last Friday by the plenary of the Chamber, the deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) continues to receive guaranteed salaries and benefits to other parliamentarians, without restrictions or judicial issues.

In addition to a salary of R$ 33.763, a monthly quota of R$ 35.759,97 to fund activities of the mandate, such as expenses with office supplies, gasoline and consultancies, and a budget of R$ 111.675,59 to pay up to 25 employees.

Member of the president’s shock troop Jair Bolsonaro in the Chamber, Silveira was arrested after publishing a video with attacks against members of the STF and in favor of Institutional Act No. 5 (AI-5), the toughest of the military dictatorship. The Chamber’s Ethics Council meets this Tuesday, 23, to begin the analysis of the process that may culminate in the impeachment of the Bolsonar deputy. He is also investigated in so-called fake news and anti-democratic acts that are being processed in the Supreme Court.

Silveira has 12 cabinet advisers, with salaries ranging from R $ 2,238.29 to R $ 15,698.32. Between January 2020 and the same period this year, the parliamentarian spent R $ 432,660.88 with the parliamentary quota. The most regular expenses in the period were with a private security company, which consumed R $ 8 thousand per month, and with a law firm, with payments of R $ 10 thousand monthly.

The legal service, according to the invoices submitted to the Chamber, provides “consultancy, research and technical work”. The legislature has servants to offer this guidance to deputies.

The highest expense with the quota in a single month was in November, R $ 44,952.91. The amount is higher than the monthly quota of deputies in Rio de Janeiro, but the Chamber rules allow the use of amounts not spent in a given month within the same financial year.

Despite the pandemic and the recommended social distance, Silveira reported R $ 6,000, round, of fuel costs. He maintains the benefits because he has not stopped being a deputy. Furthermore, he is not condemned by the courts. The denunciation that calls for the termination of your mandate, in the Chamber’s Ethics Council, can last for months and end with alternative punishments, such as a temporary suspension.

It is likely that Silveira will be able to return to work soon. After the Chamber endorsed the arrest, the deputy remains in prison until the rapporteur of the STF inquiry, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, reconsider the measure. THE Estadão found that there is a possibility that the prison will relax later this week.

In the criminal complaint against Silveira, the Attorney General’s Office suggests alternative precautionary measures, while the process is pending in court, including monitoring by means of an anklet. The deputy is accused of crimes such as inciting animosity between the Armed Forces and the Supreme Court, violence and making a serious threat to try to prevent the free exercise of legislative and judicial powers.


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