Everything you need to know about veil face masks

Everything you need to know about veil face masks

The typical Sunday ritual, which grows more and more under the famous global social media hashtag of #SelfCareSunday, shows us people enjoying face masks, relaxing baths, an afternoon of reading with a delicious tea in hand or a morning of relaxing massage or any other activity that for you is synonymous with taking care of yourself and giving yourself a couple of hours to do those things that help you relax and that maybe you can’t do every day.

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That is what Sunday is for, in some way we have established it, as the last day of the week, of rest and to dedicate ourselves more special pampering, as well as a boost to start the week on the right foot. Beauty rituals are the most abundant on this seventh day and facial masks, one of the essential treatments, They are one of the favorites to apply while we enjoy a marathon of that series that has caught us.

But what happens on those days, during the week, when a ideal natural mask for your skin, It takes more time and preparation, you don’t have time to apply it, but do you need that healthy, vigorous result with a spectacular glow? Well, you resort to veil face masks, a quick solution for immediate and incredible results. Do you know which ones we are talking about? Read on to find out.

What are veil face masks?

Sesén collagen mask

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Sesén collagen mask

Maybe you’ve already used one or seen it on a beauty influencer and didn’t know they were called like that, but veil masks are those that come in single-dose sachets, with a cellulose mask soaked in active ingredients that are applied to the face for the type indicated by the manufacturer (usually 15 to 20 minutes) and then removed without having to rinse with water (a finger massage will be enough to facilitate the absorption of the product that has remained on the face).

Here it is its main attraction and advantage over the rest of the masks that we knowIts easy application and that you can get them in any store specialized in beauty products and it does not require any preparation. You should only consult with your bedside specialist, what will be the most beneficial facial mask for you and the needs of your skin.

What is its main function?

Like any mask, its main objective will be to enhance the usual cosmetic skin treatments., providing an extra vitality, recovering dull or dry skin, purify and cleanse the skin in depth or provide extra hydration and / or nutrition. But the clear advantage of veil masks It is because its formulations contain extremely high concentrations of active principles, which makes them act in record time, almost instantly.

In addition, they are very useful and practical to use since you simply have to take them out of their package and apply them on the face; of course, taking great care and skill to adhere it correctly to the skin, since otherwise it may lose its effectiveness.

How to apply them?

Model during a backstage with a transparent mask on her face.

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Model during a backstage with a transparent mask on her face.

As in any beauty treatment, your skin must be completely clean and toned. The mask is removed from the envelope and placed on the face, allowing the time indicated by the manufacturer to act. After that time, he retires. If there is excess product on the veil (which is the most common), the recommendation is to distribute them around the neck and décolleté areas, to get the most out of it. As we mentioned previously, it does not require rinsing with water, but if your face is very wet with the product, do not hesitate to massage it until completely absorbed.

At the end of this step, you will only have to finish your routine by applying a serum and a cream (according to the indications of your specialist), since the skin could be a little tight. In case of using a cream maskAfter cleansing the face, you will only need a toner to rebalance it.

When to use them?

Since these veils are impregnated in a gel overflowing with active ingredients, the frequency of their use is recommended for special occasions, as a magnificent source of hydration. These masks will give you an immediate flash effect That will be great for certain times, as well as to calm the skin after long exposure to the sun, on days with a lot of pollution or after a laser treatment. In the same way, this practice and its constancy will be better determined by your specialist.

Which to choose?

To date we know that another of the positive points of veil masks is that they are excellent for a variety of skin types. By design, most masks are meant to be hydrating or soothing, so there is a very low risk of adverse results, so don’t worry about it.

If you’re looking for hydration, hyaluronic acid is often included in them, as a scientifically proven ingredient that draws water to the skin. To illuminate, vitamin C will be the main ingredient that it must contain.


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