Flexible LED for smaller lights

Flexible LED for smaller lights

Auto supplier Hyundai Mobis has developed a flexible light film that can be used as a tail and brake light with just a single LED.

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The 5.5 millimeter thick film can be twisted and bent and not only generates a uniformly bright light, but also emits it in five different directions. As a rear and brake light, the light can then also be seen better by other road users, for example from the side. Hyundai calls its innovation HLED, with the “H” standing for high resolution, high performance and homogeneity.

40 percent smaller lights are possible

According to legal regulations, the light from the brake light must be significantly brighter than the light from the rear light. Accordingly, many car manufacturers separate both lights in their lights. Since the HLED light is controlled exclusively via the LED, there are no other control and light components inside the rear lights – this saves weight. In addition, the HLED light strip can also be installed in a space-saving manner thanks to its flexibility. An HLED rear light could be around 40 percent smaller than conventional rear lights. In addition, it enables additional light animations depending on the legal requirements.

Hyundai has received the ECE certification mark for Europe and the SEA mark for the USA for the HLED as brake and rear lights. According to the company, orders from the automotive industry are already in place. They are currently working on series production.

Hyundai Mobis is part of the Hyundai Motor Group and is the seventh largest automotive supplier. Founded in 1977 and based in Seoul, South Korea, the company specializes in sensors and software for safety controls. Another focus also includes electrification components, brakes, suspensions, steering, airbags, lights and electronic components. Hyundai Mobis employs a total of 30,000 people – there is also a technology center in Germany.

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