Highlight your eye makeup (even if you’re wearing a mask)

Highlight your eye makeup (even if you're wearing a mask)

The study of lipstick effect explains how in times of economic crisis, although consumer spending generally declines (for example, on electronics or household items), women’s spending on beauty products, especially red lipsticks, increases. It’s that little quirk that makes a huge difference in mood and self-esteem. But the pandemic this year has made the behavior different from past recessions, for example, now there are spending on household items, as priorities have changed. And now those who like to invest in lipstick must hide it under the mask, this is how red lipstick has now passed its importance to eyeliner or eye makeup.

There are different tips for make your eyes appear bigger, here we show you how to create striking looks, either with outlines or by adapting the beauty trends to the use of the mask.

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The use of face masks has focused attention on our eyes, make up properly to achieve an impact look.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

The eyebrows are the frame of our eyesWell-groomed brows will always make a difference. Try to keep them defined and you can do them as you always do. Regarding the tabs, if you will use them naturally, they are recommended of mascara covers, or if you prefer to use false, an XL will give the ideal boom to your look.

Get the most attractive eyeliner

The tendency to wear a outlined graphic It is a look that was previously reserved for fashion editorials, nowadays it is justified to accompany it with the mask. Promise to keep the eyes of others on yours.

Using graphic eyeliner can also be a good idea to highlight your eyes.

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Using graphic eyeliner can also be a good idea to highlight your eyes.

Another option is the double outlined, this is a cat outline with some color neon (to highlight the eyes) and draw a thin white line on top of it. You can play with the colors according to your outfit or the occasion, and combine it with the color of your blush.

The outlined cat eye It’s a classic that we may not master, but we definitely know it. If we do it in color blue (or some striking color) is one of the beauty trends this year. If you have dark eyes, the blue of the eyeliner will make a wonderful contrast, while if you have blue eyes they will have an electric effect.

Shades of iris color

Not all of us have the same color irises. Look at the shades that make up your look and look for shades that resemble that color. Having similar colors on the eyelid will make your look stand out and with the right shadow your eyes will stand out.


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