Korea lobster is also supposed to come for the civil market

Korea lobster is also supposed to come for the civil market

Kia is developing a new military vehicle based on the Mohave. According to Kia, a civil version of the Hummer-style off-roader will also appear. Now the model was shown for the first time at a trade fair.

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The American HMMWV (“Humvee”), better known by its civil name Hummer, has found imitators all over the world, with numerous manufacturers developing very similar-looking models based on the template. This is also the case in South Korea, here Kia is with the KLTV (Khe Light Tactical Vehicle) at the start. The Kia KLTV is in the visual appearance and with its technical details (portal axles, independent wheel suspension, central tire pressure system) a very faithful copy of the US Hummer.

Kia KLTV is being redesigned

In autumn 2020, Kia announced that it would develop a new generation of KLTV. As before, this should be based on the Kia Mohave. The Kia Mohave is a five-meter-long luxury SUV with a ladder frame that was offered in the USA under the name Borrego, but is now only available on the Asian and Russian markets. The Kia Mohave is loosely the XL version of the Kia Sorento.

At the IDEX military trade fair, which took place in the United Arab Emirates in February 2021, Kia presented the series product for the first time. A double-cab pick-up with a rear loading area for crew transport was shown. In addition, Kia showed the chassis of the new KLTV in order to illustrate the possibility of various modular structures including armored variants.

According to Kia, the vehicle is designed for a payload of up to three tons, which seems unusually high for this vehicle category. There is space for up to ten people on the loading area.

So far, the Kia LTV military vehicle had a lot of technology from the Borrego, including the three-liter V6 diesel and the automatic transmission. In addition, differential locks were used on both axles. Kia has presented the Mohave Masterpiece in March 2019, a successor generation of the previous Mohave that has still been declared as a study. This also makes it understandable why we are now working on a successor to the KLTV based on the Mohave.

The Kia KLTV in the video

According to Kia, the Kia KLTV is “powered by a 225 hp Euro 5 diesel engine”. The company does not provide any further details about the machine, but it is very likely that it is still the three-liter six-cylinder from the Borrego. This is also supported by the eight-speed automatic transmission used in the Kia KLTV.

And: The subject of electric and fuel cell drives is on the development slip. Fuel cell technology as a vehicle drive has the additional benefit in military use that such a vehicle could also work as a generator. Kia would like to start testing with the prototypes produced in 2020. According to the preliminary plan, series production is to begin by 2024. The aim is also to offer the military vehicles in small series for civil use.


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