“Let’s Dance” candidate married radio candidate after five days


Lola Weippert

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Lola Weippert

This coming Friday (February 26th) presenter Lola Weippert wants to show what she can do on the dance floor at the opening show of “Let’s Dance”. The 24-year-old is supported by her boyfriend – whom she married five days after meeting in Las Vegas.

It sounds like the Sat.1 show “Wedding at First Sight”, which Lola Weippert, 24, did in 2019. The presenter, who will swing the dance floor in the upcoming season “Let’s Dance”, married a complete stranger – and luckily fell in love with this man.

Lola Weippert immediately felt the sparks

“I don’t want someone to have breakfast out of sheer romance, but my first thought when I saw Flo was: That’s him,” says Lola at “Bild”.

In 2019 she traveled to Las Vegas with a man, attended a Lady Gaga concert with him and married him after five days together. The action was part of Lola’s job as a radio presenter at bigFM, where her future husband was selected from among the radio listeners. It was the 26-year-old Florian Miesen with whom Lola was immediately on the same wavelength. “The first sparks were there in the first moment. But it really sparked when we were back in Germany and I visited him in Cologne. We quickly noticed that we had the same sense of humor,” says Lola. When the first real kiss fell, things were clear, and the two have been a couple ever since.

Is the wedding valid in Germany?

But what would have happened if there hadn’t been a spark between Lola and Florian? Would the two have had to get a divorce then? No, the Las Vegas wedding is not valid in Germany. But Lola says: “There is also the possibility of getting married in Las Vegas in such a way that it is also recognized in Germany. But nobody says that we will not make up for it.”

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