Michelle Gisin bursts into tears

Michelle Gisin bursts into tears

Michelle Gisin bursts into tears

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Michelle Gisin bursts into tears

The rain of Swiss medals continues! Corinne Suter is crowned downhill world champion. In an interview with “SRF”, team colleague Michelle Gisin is happy for the Schwyzerin: “It’s really nice for Corinne. Sensational. She deserved it hard and it’s wonderful to see how she brought the performance down. ”

Gisin himself lands in a strong fifth place. “For me it wasn’t enough for a medal because of 13 hundredths, that’s a shame,” she sums up. But she only has positive feelings for her performance. “But I’ve had a fight like this for the past two years, mostly mentally. It’s my second top 5 result since Marc fell and my injury. That was the first time that I drove as well as I can. It’s mega beautiful, also for the future. Even if it wasn’t enough », says Gisin as tears run down her cheeks – they are tears of joy and relief.

The last two years have not been easy, because “I was often inhibited and doubted whether the feeling would ever come back. It’s really nice that I was on the level and was able to fight for the medals. ”

One of the nicest days for Suter

It’s a big day for the winner Suter: “I can’t really believe it. It’s like a dream right now. This will be a day that I will never forget in my life. One of the most beautiful.” For her too, a lot has happened in the last two years since the medals in Are. But: “I knew that I could ski fast and everything worked out fine. And in the morning I already felt that I was in a good mood. ”

You also played into the cards that things are going to be calmer at this World Cup: “It was good that I was able to withdraw a little. For me it is definitely an advantage that the hype is not so big here. That always makes me a little more nervous. ”

A lot came together for Gut-Behrami

Lara Gut-Behrami takes bronze after her gold medal in the Super-G in the downhill. In the training session the day before, however, she still struggled with complaints. But she got fit in good time for race day: “I slept a long time and I’m glad that it went well again today. It’s been a long day and a lot has come together. It is normal that there are certain complaints. ”

The further medal is a good sign for her personally: “It is definitely nice that I am still at a high level.” But: «Of course, if I see my journey and the mistake, I would like to drive again. To be on the podium despite my mistake is more than positive. ” But she, too, likes to allow Suter to win: “Corinne more than deserves it, has shown an incredible drive.”

After a certain time, she will be able to really look forward to her bronze medal. «You see what else would have been possible. That is normal. It always takes some time. At the beginning I couldn’t really achieve the gold in the Super-G either. (sme / smi)


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