Sarah Lombardi talks about self-doubt

Sarah Lombardi talks about self-doubt

Sarah Lombardi

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Sarah Lombardi

Sarah Lombardi strikes a serious note. With an emotional video message on Instagram, the singer wants to wake up her community.

Sarah Lombardi, 28, is outwardly strong and confident. The singer also knows exactly where that comes from. “I think that I am a fighter. I am not discouraged, I am very ambitious and sometimes try to go unusual ways.” This also applies to new plans: “When I start something, I want to be good at it, actually do everything perfectly.” But it is precisely this perfectionism that Sarah Lombardi herself criticizes on social media. Because everything is often beautiful there. Influencers not only have to look perfect, they also have to convince with a special lifestyle and talents. Social media give the impression that we weren’t enough and fuel our self-doubt.

Sarah Lombardi: “I’m not perfect”

Sarah Lombardi knows such moments. And she is not alone in that. In a two-minute Instagram video, the 28-year-old reveals that she often receives messages from women who are struggling with great self-doubt. The solution seems so simple.

“We often forget that we are people who are not perfect,” explains Sarah. “We don’t just have one face, we have thousands. […] I am not perfect. It’s not like I stand in front of the mirror every day and say, ‘You are good the way you are’, I really like myself. On the contrary, there are often days when I have total doubts and when everything breaks up again somehow, “she reports to her fans. Especially in her mum role, she has concerns every now and then, precisely when she compares herself to other mothers. Alessio’s mother, 5, emphasizes: “And that is exactly the mistake when you start comparing yourself, because each of us is unique,” she appeals to her fans.

Alessio’s mother “went through hell”

“I’m sorry to be doing Mother Theresa here, but I think these are all important things that you should listen to. I know too well what it’s like to go through hell. Then getting up again costs so much a lot of strength. Today I’m proud that I fought, “said Julian Büscher, 27, fiancée, her fans.

The singer wants to wake up her fans

Above all, she has one wish for her community: “[…] that I can use it to reach people who have great self-doubt. Here on social media you are often exposed to such negative criticism and a lot of negative influences. I think we underestimate how such things can affect and affect people’s entire lives. ”

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