She confidently shows haters her ball

She confidently shows haters her ball

Rebecca Mir (29) is very much looking forward to her first child. The ‘taff’ presenter, who became known as the ‘GNTM’ participant, and her husband, ‘Let’s Dance’ professional dancer Massimo Sinató, whom she married in Italy in 2015, can hardly wait to hug their baby. And Rebecca regularly delivers updates and photos to her 966,000 followers via Instagram. But not everyone is happy with her.

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Rebecca Mir doesn’t want to be annoyed by haters

The complainers quickly find a fly in the ointment: Sometimes they find that Rebecca presents herself too sexy as a pregnant woman – as if she had to look more like a saint because of her baby bump. Then again it is complained that her fitness exercises could harm her offspring, which she can probably assess for herself. Rebecca’s reaction to the negative comments is: especially now! So she posted a hot picture in which she wears a skin-tight black stretch dress that accentuates her baby bump and that has a heart-shaped neckline at the waist. She wrote: “For all my haters: Here is a picture in a tight, sexy dress”, to which husband Massimo responded enthusiastically and wrote: “My Mamacita”, followed by heart and flame emojis.

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Sexy photos in a tight dress show Rebecca’s self-confidence

With her calm reaction, Rebecca is not only doing herself a favor, but also all other women who have to be judged, mastered and criticized during their pregnancy. And many women thank Rebecca and support her with positive comments: “However people can have a beautiful pregnant woman in tasteful clothes – they look so mega! If I were your child, I would be happy to have such a sexy mom who is me so well presented, “wrote a follower. And another rightly says: “I don’t see why you should condemn it if a pregnant woman wears sexy dresses and high heels. That doesn’t harm the child. And if you were already dressed like that before, why should you cover yourself up now?” . ” True words that will surely help Rebecca Mir continue on her way without being misled.


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