Stiftung Warentest advises caution

Stiftung Warentest advises caution

It doesn’t always have to be a sexual enhancer. Impotence can have many harmless causes. Stress, Alcohol or nervousness lead to the fact that men just can’t. If the potency problems persist and there are no psychological causes, those affected should see a doctor, preferably a urologist.


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The Stiftung Warentest warns against false shame: “Permanent impotence is not a weakness, but often a disease.” In the March issue of the magazine “Test”, the experts examined 17 prescription sexual enhancers. The verdict on Viagra & Co. is unanimous. (Also read: Potency pills? These 5 foods ensure more stability)

What is erectile dysfunction?

According to the information, doctors then speak of one in need of treatment erectile dysfunctionif the man is unable to achieve an erection or maintain it long enough to perform the sexual act despite pleasure for more than six months.

Erectile dysfunction has physical causes in about 80 percent of cases, for example circulatory disorders with increasing age. But they can also be the result of diabetes, heart disease, antidepressants, antihypertensive agents or operations on the prostate, as the sexual enhancer test said.

Potency pills in the test

The drug experts at Stiftung Warentest have taken a close look at 17 preparations. The usual detailed test results for each individual product did not exist here. Rather, the experts made a general judgment about the respective main active ingredient.

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This is the case with Viagra and the numerous copycat preparations of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor (PDE inhibitor) sildenafil. It improves the blood supply, the erection is strengthened and prolonged. The testers also examined sexual enhancers with the PDE inhibitors avanafil, tadalafil and vardenafil, which have a similar effect to sildenafil. (What is natural sexual enhancer?)

Be careful with sexual enhancers

With all of these sexual enhancers, the experts came to the conclusion: “Suitable with restrictions for organically caused erectile dysfunction.” They made reference to potentially serious side effects. Each patient has to weigh them up against the benefits together with their doctor.

“Anyone who suffers from a severe heart, brain or eye disease due to circulatory disorders should not take the medication. The active ingredients must never be combined with drugs such as nitrates or molsidomine (for angina pectoris),” warned the experts.

Who bears the costs of sexual enhancers?

In this general judgment, the price can be the deciding factor when choosing the potency drug, after all, the health insurance companies do not cover the costs. According to the information, four tablets of the tested PDE inhibitors (in different dosages) cost between 12.77 euros and 88.05 euros. The cheapest were the Viagra copycat drugs Sildeagil, Sildenafil Beta, Sildenafil Holsten, Sildenafil Stada and Sildenamed. By far the most expensive was the drug Cialis after Viagra (55.04 euros). (Also interesting: sexual enhancers – what really helps and where it becomes dangerous)

Some people are tempted to order dubious sexual enhancers on the Internet because of the high prices and possibly shame. The testers urgently advised against this and warned: “Trashed and dangerous.” They also examined three sexual enhancers with the active ingredient alprostadil.

It works directly on the erectile tissue in the penis and is injected or inserted into the urethra as a stick. These preparations are therefore also suitable for paraplegic patients or those with nerve damage. But also these drugs were only rated as “suitable with restrictions” due to the possible side effects. The prices were between 35.15 and 84.85 euros (for two syringes or six sticks).


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