“The 28th Victories of classical music” (France 3): a little air!


Stéphane Bern teams up with violinist Marina Chiche for the presentation of the 28th classical music victory ceremony, broadcast on France 3 on Wednesday at 9:05 p.m.

Three sopranos appear in the revelation of lyric artists category: Marie Oppert, Jeanne Gérard and Marie-Laure Garnier. The latter was entitled to derogatory remarks about her curves. “Our company meets the wrong criteria for beauty. The average height of a woman is 42, not 38 or 36. If you look at great singers like Montserrat Caballé or Jessye Norman, they have made a career thanks to their voices. It seems to me that this question of the physical is out of place. You don’t have to be thin at all costs to be beautiful, sensual and to sing your role properly. ”

For a dozen years now, the opera world has been singled out because the physical appearance of artists outweighs their voices. A successful singer of Guyanese origin, aged 30, Marie-Laure Garnier is a generous and committed woman. She leads many cultural mediations with audiences who do not have access to classical music and organizes choral singing workshops in schools and businesses.

This article appeared in Télépro magazine on 02/18/2021


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