The dresses (from Latin brands) that will make you leave the loungewear aside

The dresses (from Latin brands) that will make you leave the loungewear aside

We can say that getting ready – even to be at home – is an act of self-love. And that the dresses comfortable and slow fashion, are a great alternative to put aside, even for a while, the much loved loungewear. It seems that the ‘new normal’ to which we are still getting used to, will keep us in confinement for some more time, continuing with virtual encounters and few face-to-face encounters. That is why it is important, to take care of our spirits and not lose the connection with our body, maintaining some of the routines that we used before, and being well dressed is part of it.

The dresses They are always the best ally to feel well dressed, without the need to create too complex outfits, so we trust that they are the best option for dressing at home. Whether short, long, loose or to the body, a good dress it will always make you look good, even for a zoom conference. In any case, within the teachings that the pandemic left us, awareness and respect for the environment is one of them. Therefore, when choosing which ones to buy, it will always be more convenient to opt for those of firms that practice slow fashion, taking care of the Quality of the products and making them so ethical and responsible. In this way, you can make sure that those dresses that you buy have a positive impact on the environment, since they will last over time, and will have been made taking care of those hands that made them.

Here we made a selection of ethical and sustainable dresses, from different slow fashion brands from Latin America, in different styles that are suitable for being at home or for any occasion.

Shirt dress by Margo Baridon

The garments created by the Uruguayan designer Margo Baridon They are characterized by their sophisticated femininity, with simple lines and details of gathered ruffles that are characteristic of the brand. Based in Uruguay, the brand makes garments under strict quality controls, taking care that each process is responsible and ethical, using noble materials. East dress It is made entirely of tencel, a natural and sustainable fiber that is obtained from the pulp of the wood of the eucalyptus tree, in a certified way.

Striped by Bolazo

´Boleros y Volados´ is the latest collection of the Argentine firm Bolazo, created by the stylist Victoria Sanchez. The emblem of the brand, which it sells in both Argentina and Italy, are cotton fabrics with hand-painted prints in an artisanal way, creating unique, feminine, sensual and natural designs. The Bolazo dresses they invite you to feel nature and the sea, to live through the light sensation of being on a constant journey.

Checkered by Escvdo

Escvdo, the brand from Peru It is known for its commitment to the preservation of the ancestral knowledge of its country from a contemporary perspective. Each garment is handcrafted by different communities in Peru, in this case by one from the Huancavelica region, in the center of the country. Few quantities are made of each garment, respecting the production times, the quality of the pieces and the artisan hands that make them.

Zii Clothing

Minimalism and natural textiles, handmade in controlled productions, these are the foundations of Zii Clothing, this sustainable brand based in Mexico. The connection with nature is something intrinsic to this brand, where simple lines and timelessness run through seasons.

Daniela Bustamante Del Sante

The Chilean designer Daniela Bustamante Del Sante created a series of dresses with simple, feminine and sensual lines, made in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way. Each fabric used by the Chilean designer is certified, comes from remnants of stock or is made from recycled materials. Without losing a minimalist silhouette, the Daniela bustamante they seek to be as sustainable as possible.


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