The new center of the Modern Classic family

The new center of the Modern Classic family

The British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is not only bringing its iconic T120 to the Euro 5 level for the 2021 model year, but is also making it even lighter and better braking.

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She has had them all. The Bonneville. Presley, Gere, McQueen, even the great Evel Knievel drove a Triumph Bonneville at the beginning of his career. Back then it was one of the fastest iron on two wheels, today the T120 is at least one of the most beautiful. Triumph is preparing to improve even this with the update of the T120 and T120 Black to the Euro 5 standard.

T120, Euro 5 and seven kilos away

First a look at the performance data: The engine of the T120 promises a wide speed range full of pressure. After lightening the centrifugal masses on the crankshaft, clutch and balance shafts, and strengthening the cooling system, the Euro 5 engine still delivers 80 hp at 6,550 rpm, but only pushes its 105 Nm to the lightened crankshaft 400 rpm at 3,500 rpm. Makes a simple calculation: nevertheless 3,050 revolutions of power-soaking torque surfing – a good half of the entire speed scale. In addition, the weight saving of seven kilograms fits in with the predecessor, which is specified with 224 kilograms. This diet is based a little on the lightened mass of the engine, but a lot on the new 18 inch rims at the front and 17 inch at the rear. Here Triumph uses aluminum instead of steel for the rim rings of the spoked wheels for the new T120, which significantly reduces the rotating and unsprung masses of the bike. Result: easier handling, better acceleration, less effort when braking. Everything is very welcome.

The classic all-rounder

Or the all-rounder among the classics. At least with Triumph. If the broad usable speed range describes the equally broad range of applications of the T120, the moderate ergonomics, the non-binding design and the all-people-favorite paintwork clearly show that the Triumph Bonneville T120 should be able to do everything a modern-classic motorcycle should be able to do. It has neither the extremes of the bobber nor the baroque charm of the Speedmaster, but it clearly shows the little 900 twins who is the boss at the table when it comes to performance. The new Brembo calipers at the front, which bite into two 310 mm discs, match this performance.

Black ist beautiful

However, if there is a desire for a T120 with a coarser style, then it is worth taking a look at the T120 Black. It is matt where the T120 shines. It’s black, where the T120 is bursting with chrome. Including the rims, handles, engine covers, mirrors, headlights, indicators, exhaust and you haven’t seen everything. Separated from this, it has a brown bench with an embossed Triumph logo.

Technology, colors, accessories and prices

That logo can also be found in the center of the halogen headlight that Triumph chose for the T120 instead of LED lighting. A differentiator to the Bobber and Speedmaster. Triumph draws from the full with the cockpit: Depending on the color scheme, T120 and T120 Black get new double round clocks for speedometer and speed, each with a digital field for the on-board computer displays. New: the cruise control will be standard on the T120 models from 2021. ABS and switchable traction control were there before.

The T120 will come in 2021 with the well-known colors Jet Black, Cordovan Red & Silver Ice and Cobalt Blue & Silver Ice. The T120 Black is available in two varnishes: Jet Black and Matt Jet Black & Matt Graphite.

At 12,550 euros plus ancillary costs, the Euro 5 version of the Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black will cost exactly 200 euros more than in 2020. The new models will be available from dealers from May 2021.


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