The perfect hair dye for brunettes who don’t want to be blonde

The perfect hair dye for brunettes who don't want to be blonde

In a sea of ​​possibilities, it would be impossible to choose just one hair dye favorite, because among the classic tones there are infinite possible shades to completely revolutionize our hair. The possibilities of color is somewhat surprising and we know that the desire for renew our style It comes every so often, even in this year that is still so strange, but also that a part of us wants to be practical and not make our existence too complicated.

If you’re natural chestnut, or even if you have hair a little darker towards the blacks, you’ll be glad to know that between hair trends for 2021 most relevant of the moment continues to replicate a hair dye that meets one of two of the most important characteristics for this moment: that it looks great and that it is not too demanding. So here’s some good news, especially if you’re attracted to blonde shades but you haven’t dared to try them.

Last year it was about natural shades and low maintenance, and although that has not changed much, the range of possibilities has expanded as time passes and the desire to explore other paths returns. That also doesn’t mean you go straight for the bright pink, also between the trends, or deep reddish or black. But if you are brunette and you want to lighten the tone of your natural hair by one that goes towards blondes, without suddenly being Barbie, there is an ideal dye for you.

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Olivia Palermo wears a washed-out chestnut shade.

What is the dye that suits brunettes?

The trend hair tone for brunettes you want to ask for your next appointment to the salon is bronze gold, a tone that finds a perfect point between light chestnut and the blondes copper. It is very similar to that color that remains in our hair when we have spent a lot of time in the sun after a vacation at the beach. It will give you the possibility to experiment in a totally different style, without being blonde and also without straying too far from your natural tone.

If he Brown are you natural tone you can be sure that this will be an ideal style for you, since the lighter tones to your color will contribute brightness to your face, something that you will love because it will take years away in a matter of minutes. Although usually the tone bronze gold It usually looks good on all skin types, it could not be very flattering for those that are very light and tend towards pink, but nothing like trying it out yourself with the advice of a specialist.

Rachel McAdams has worn the bronze gold tint.

© Getty Images.
Rachel McAdams has worn the bronze gold tint.

Some celebrities who have opted for this color at different points in their careers have been Rachel McAdams, Olivia Palermo and Natalie Portman. Sometimes evenly and sometimes in a wash that is more intense at the ends and progresses towards a gradient that ends up being bronze gold on the tips. Also J. Lo, Kylie Jenner and Tyra Banks have opted for this tone in highlights or with others coloring techniques.

In accordance with Mark DeBolt, celebrity colorist and co-owner of the Mark Ryan lounge in New York, trends for this spring they are not very different from the way we had our hair in previous months. Instead of making big changes, women are making subtle adjustments to their current shades. ‘My customers are opting for richer versions and dimensional of his past looks, ‘he explains.

According to color specialist, for the brunettes, add an enriching glow of color in amber, gold or root beer tones, they are excellent options because in general they give a warmer, richer feeling and to carry a more vivid hair color. You may also apply it on bronze gold in balayage highlights and not evenly if you want to be careful. The truth is that we begin to see increasingly lighter tones with the arrival of spring and if you want to try something new, this is your moment.


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