This trend hairstyle will accompany us through spring 2021

This trend hairstyle will accompany us through spring 2021

Trend hairstyle in spring 2021: Ultrashort Bob Imaxtree

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Trend hairstyle in spring 2021: Ultrashort Bob Imaxtree

  • The most important trend hairstyle in spring 2021: the ultra short bob.
  • This bob hairstyle is not only a good decision when the hairdressing salons reopen, it also guarantees the right casualness in the look.
  • We prefer to wear the trendy hairstyle in a sleek look – this is how the ultra short bob looks particularly cool.

The countdown is running. The approaches are in the starting blocks. The split ends can hardly wait: the wait will soon be over and the new hairstyles for spring 2021 a chance to become a trend outside of the Instagram bubble. Current contender: the ultra short bob.

These Trend hairstyle already shines in the Instagram ranks with her presence and is definitely one Bob hairstyle, which is suitable for a new beginning in 2021. Because it says goodbye to the tips that could inevitably sprout in lockdown, is particularly simple in the Styling, which you may have to learn again after the long messy-bun phase and radiates one thing above all as a trend hairstyle: the casualness with which we wanted to approach spring 2021 anyway.

Trend potential: In spring 2021, the bob should look like this

The trademark of the ultra short bob is – as the name suggests – the length. Or rather that Brevity. Because this trend hairstyle should reach no more than the chin – but it can also be shorter. Why? Not at all because you are preparing prophylactically for the next phase of the closed hairdressing salon, but rather with an extremely casual one Trend hairstyle wants to get rid of his long lockdown hair.

The ultra short bob fulfills two needs in one: it has not only blossomed into a trend on Instagram and thus a great post-lockdown inspiration, but also conveys the desire that one has after months of transitional hairstyle. Namely for a completely new look.

And in terms of cut, too, simplicity seems to be an important factor in the look: with the ultra short Bob You break away from all experiments and rely on the tried and tested – a manually set center parting (just not too accurate!) and a straight edge (just no steps!). On the one hand, this contributes to the casualness, which is the focus of this trend hairstyle, and on the other hand, ensures that you can still get the look after the initial styling in the hairdressing salon. True to the motto: the simpler the better!

One trend hairstyle, many looks: This is how we style the ultra short bob

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, there is apparently only one styling that comes into question for the ultra short bob: the sleek look. Rightly so, after all, with his chin-length hair he looks androgynous, casual – and stylishly bridges the days when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Fashion professionals like Anine Bing or Lisa Olsson work with products such as texture sprays, hair wax or gels to comb their new trendy hairstyle backwards – or simply run their hands through their hair. Keyword: simplicity!

Alternatively, you can trace the middle part with your finger and let your hair fall loosely on both sides. The ultra short bob caresses the face and looks more feminine. Little tip: the most fashionable counterpart to the androgyny of this hairstyle is a red one lipstick and XXL earrings – that not only looks particularly stylish, but also has absolute trend potential in spring 2021.


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