Three goals in 70 seconds resulted in a crazy ice hockey game

Three goals in 70 seconds resulted in a crazy ice hockey game

The Capitals equalized twice against Salzburg in the final minutes and lost 3: 4 after the penalty shoot-out.

The 3: 3 came nine seconds before the end

© DIENER / Philipp Schalber / DIENER / Philipp Schalber
The 3: 3 came nine seconds before the end

The game between Vienna Capitals and Red Bull Salzburg was attractive from the start and a real top game. The Viennese played harder and had better chances for long periods. For the outcome of the game it only became decisive in the 59th and 60th minute.

Salzburg led with a nice goal from Espeland 2-1 (45th). When Wall equalized 70 seconds before the final siren for the Viennese with the strong help of Salzburg keeper Lamoureux to 2: 2, everyone expected an extension. But Salzburg’s Raffl scored 2: 3 25 seconds before the end. As a result, Caps goalie Starkbaum left the ice for an additional field player. Lo and behold: Nissner faked a shot by Wukovits to make it 3: 3 nine seconds before the end.


The game had to go into overtime and into penalty shoot-out, where Salzburg prevailed with two goals. “I have never experienced such a crazy end to a game in my career,” said Salzburg coach McIlvane happily.

It was a typical game against Salzburg for the strong Caps striker Ali Wukovits: “We were constant for 60 minutes and we put good pressure on. In the end it was like being on a rollercoaster. “

More than the loss of points, the Capitals hurt the repeated failures: Archibald injured himself in Monday training, Vause in pre-game skate. And in the final phase Loney (puck hit) and Rotter (collision) were also out.

Graz takes the lead

Graz took first place in the qualifying round because the hit between the Bratislava Capitals and Dornbirn Bulldogs only rises on Wednesday. The Styrians won the previous VSV with 4: 2. The decision was made in the middle third, when Travis Oleksuk (24th) gave the 99ers a 2-1 lead with their first power play goal in the second round and Olof Mylläri (33rd) and Ken Ograjensek (38th) added two more goals.

The Innsbrucker Haie got back into the game for the last three quarter-finals with a 5-2 win against Black Wings Linz. The Tyroleans are five points below the line.


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