Tom & Jerry movie animates weekend in theaters

Tom & Jerry movie animates weekend in theaters

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Theaters will once again receive a release with strong commercial appeal this Thursday (18/2), the first live-action film by “Tom & Jerry”. Unofficially, “Tom & Jerry – The Movie” was released in preview sessions last week, reaching prominence as the title that sold the most tickets between February 11th and 16th, during the long weekend.The production has a hybrid format, in which the protagonists continue to be animated and in the way that the fans remember, in spite of playing alongside flesh and blood actors. The result is very different from the live action of “Scooby Doo”, to name another classic design that has been adapted by Warner. While Hanna-Barbera’s dog materialized in cinema with a realistic look created by computer graphics, this time the MGM characters have hardly changed, preserving the appearance of their old two-dimensional drawings.

Although the combination of cartoon and actors looks retro, the option does not alienate fans of the original cartoons. Furthermore, this combination evokes the excellent “Uma Cilada para Roger Rabbit” (1988) and, of course, “Looney Tunes: Back to Action” (2003), including the way in which it incorporates the surreal physics of drawings, as doors that change of place and kilometer falls that don’t kill. All of this becomes even more fun in the face of human reaction to chaos.

In the plot, Tom and Jerry decide to part ways amicably after decades of fighting. But when the rat gets ready to say goodbye and decides to move to a luxury hotel in New York, the cat is happy to renew his feud when hired to exterminate him.

The human cast singles out Chloë Grace Moretz (“Suspiria”) as the hotel employee in charge of getting rid of the rat and who believes that Tom is the solution to her problems – apparently, she never saw the drawing! The other supporting actors are played by Michael Peña (“Ant-Man”), Ken Jeong (“If You Drink, Don’t Marry”), Colin Jost (“Saturday Night Live”) and Rob Delaney (“Catastrophe”). The direction is by Tim Story, responsible for two “Fantastic Four” and for launching the “Uma Turma do Barulho” franchise.

The program is completed with two more launches, which before the pandemic would have limited distribution. Both were destroyed by international critics, with a 20% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes – both. It is worth pointing out that the German thriller “Berlin Alexanderplatz” had an award-winning trajectory, which includes the achievement of the Stockholm Festival, in Sweden, and the trophy for Best Soundtrack at the European Film Academy award. But it does not compare to the eponymous miniseries of 1980, awarded at the Munich and Venice festivals, directed by master Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Tom & Jerry – The Movie | USA | 2021

Berlin Alexanderplatz | Germany | 2020

Nona – If I Get Wet I Burn Them | Chile | 2019


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