Two Austrians in the Super-G favorite

Two Austrians in the Super-G favorite

The gentlemen drive on a slope that hardly anyone knows. Vincent Kriechmayr and Matthias Mayer should have the edge.

Favorite Vincent Kriechmayr

© EPA/Philipp Guelland
Favorite Vincent Kriechmayr

The name of a downhill slope basically means nothing. Who would guess that Streif is the world’s most difficult downhill run? The piste on which the men in Cortina determine the speed world champions is of course no coincidence. Vertigine, translated: dizziness.

Because almost all runners from this dizzy slope, on which the first men’s medal decision is made today with the Super-G (1 p.m.), only have a blurry picture.

Hardly any information

With the exception of the Italians, who held their national championships here in 2019, no runner has ever driven down the Vertigine at racing speed, and a quick tour of the track on Tuesday in thick fog did not really give the athletes any information about what to expect today.

“We saw a little something. But the pace is missing ”, says Vincent Kriechmayr, with two victories the superman in the Super-G this winter. “We are breaking completely new ground,” adds Super G Olympic champion Matthias Mayer. With the best will in the world, he couldn’t say “whether it’s good for me or not. But nobody asks about that anyway. “

No help

Meanwhile, the unsuspecting competition cannot count on the sympathy and help of befriended South Tyrolean racing drivers. Dominik Paris, the Super G world champion of 2019, will do a devil to let the strong Austrians into the secrets of the slopes. And Christof Innerhofer, the Super G world champion from 2011, is probably not a useful source of information either. “Paris doesn’t want to say anything, Innerhofer talks so much. That makes no sense, ”says Matthias Mayer.

On the other hand, Vincent Kriechmayr and Matthias Mayer are currently characterized by those two qualities that are in demand in the Super-G: intuition and self-confidence. This winter, Kriechmayr can be sure that he will instinctively make the right decisions in the Super-G – this is proven not least by the two victories in Kitzbühel and Garmisch as well as the sovereign lead in the discipline World Cup. “I’m sure I’ll be the favorite if I’ve won the last two races. But others are also in shape right now. ”

Great constancy

And here Kriechmayr is primarily referring to his colleague Matthias Mayer. The Carinthian was always among the top three in the last six speed races before the world championship. For his constancy at the very highest level, Mayer primarily blames his serenity. “As a 22-year-old, I drove my head through the wall and often made mistakes. Now I just go for it, ”says the Carinthian, who still lacks a World Cup medal in his collection of successes.

Today’s race is not only the most worthy World Cup Super G in history for Matthias Mayer because of the accompanying circumstances: “It will be a special world champion.”

The ÖSV team: Max Franz, Vincent Kriechmayr, Matthias Mayer, Christian Walder

Defending Champion: Dominik Paris (ITA)

Season winner: M. Caviezel (SUI), A. A. Kilde (NOR), R. Cochran-Siegle (USA), V. Kriechmayr (2)

Last ÖSV world champion: Hannes Reichelt 2015

Start at 13 o clock


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