We don’t want to see these fashion mishaps anymore

We don't want to see these fashion mishaps anymore

A perfect look and a stunning outfit are no coincidence. A lot of effort is put into it. And yet you see the following fashion mishaps far too often

Imaxtree Fault-Mode

© imaxtree
Imaxtree Fault-Mode

There are five little things that can take a point off even the perfect outfit. Why? Because it can be done better. The following fashion mishaps unfortunately attract everyone’s attention and would be easy to avoid:

1. The sewn up coat or skirt slit

When you buy a new skirt, coat, blazer or jacket, the back vent is usually sewn up. This is of course intentional, but ultimately not intended for editing. Because the slot should be open. The simple stitches only fix the two sides of the slit so that nothing happens during packaging, delivery and storage and there is no kink due to incorrect folding. Most of the time it’s just a few stitches with a strong thread – it can be easily removed.

2. Label on the sole of the shoe

Label and shoe soles gettyimages

© gettyimages
Label and shoe soles gettyimages

This little fashion faux pas also often happens when we treat ourselves to something new – namely shoes. Because most of them have an adhesive price tag on the bottom of the sole. Happy about the latest achievement, we slip into our shoes and completely forget the label – this can even happen to a superstar like Sofia Vergara (see photo above). The stylish appearance unfortunately does not get full points.

How to get rid of the label easily:

Soak a cotton ball with warm water, put a drop of washing-up liquid on it and place the whole thing on the label. After a few minutes of exposure, you can remove everything. If there is still glue residue, a little nail polish remover will help.

3. Skin-colored tights in sandals

We have written that many times delicate socks in sandals or open-toe shoes can look great. However, it should be colored-transparent, patterned or shimmering models. What doesn’t work at all are skin-colored tights in peep-toes or sandals. Here we can quote designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, who regularly grimaces at this sight and says: “I’m out of there!” If you don’t want to do without your nude-colored tights, then either wear pumps or slingbacks with them, or buy them a toe-free model.

4. Sewn-in and visible laundry label

If you wear an item of clothing made of an airy or very thin material (knitwear, satin or tulle), the label is immediately apparent or even shimmers through. It’s a shame, because that’s exactly where the gaze stops and that’s actually not the aim of a fashionable appearance.

Our tip: How to remove laundry labels properly

5. Light bra under a black shirt

You don’t have to remember that you don’t wear a dark bra under a light top. At least one look in the mirror would be enough to notice the error. But the reverse is also true and is hardly taken into account. You shouldn’t wear a light bra under something dark. Even a style queen like Queen Letizia of Spain is not aware of this. The light can penetrate through the fabric of the top and this is reflected by the white or nude-colored fabric of the bra. The underwear is then clearly visible, especially in photos.


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