Wearers of glasses better protected against corona

Wearers of glasses better protected against corona

Man with glasses

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Man with glasses

According to a study, the risk of corona infection is much lower for people who wear glasses than for people without glasses. We clarify what this is all about.

In the corona pandemic, glasses wearers were mainly noticed by fogged glasses as a result of wearing mouth and nose masks.

An Indian study has now come to the unexpected result that people with fogged vision are less likely to be infected with corona than people with clear vision.

Wearers of glasses protected from corona?

Around 41 million people in Germany wear glasses, 23 million of them constantly. Glasses are not only an indication of poor eyesight, but also of pronounced intelligence (the latter at least like to claim that people wear glasses of themselves). And now a study also shows that the visual aid protects against corona infections.

304 people with mild Covid-19 symptoms were asked about how their glasses were worn in a hospital in northern India. The researchers observed that people who wear glasses all day have a lower risk of contracting corona.

That is the reason

The research also shows that people touch their faces on average 23 times an hour and rub their eyes three times. Unsanitary behavior that is not recommended, especially in times of Corona, as it can also lead to an infection through the nose, mouth and eyes.

It was observed that people who wear glasses rub their eyes much less often. Conclusion: The risk of infection decreases.

However, the results of the study should be treated with caution. First of all, because 304 test subjects are anything but representative. In addition, the study was not conducted during the height of the pandemic in the country. Accordingly, the result could be a “coincidence” as infranken.de writes.


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