William Bonner is absent from ‘JN’ for the 3rd day in a row and the web speculates: ‘Did you say goodbye?’

William Bonner is absent from 'JN' for the 3rd day in a row and the web speculates: 'Did you say goodbye?'

The absence of William Bonner for the third consecutive day in “Jornal Nacional” moved social networks on Friday night (27). The newscast was hosted by Renata Vasconcellos and Flávio Fachel and, on the web, internet users lamented the absence of the anchor, supported after outburst due to pandemic coverage, and speculated on a supposed departure from him.

A statement by the ex-husband of Fátima Bernardes, by whom he was praised after interviewing Bial, during the attraction on Tuesday also intrigued fans. Shortly after a report on Mars, he joked about “wanting” to go to the neighboring planet. “Tranquilinho Mars, right? You feel like it,” he said. The broadcaster did not comment on the reason for William Bonner’s recent absence. In December, it is worth remembering, the journalist had been on vacation between the 4th and 28th of December.

On Twitter, several netizens commented on the situation and even speculated that he was going to CNN, broadcaster that has ex-global, as Mari Palma and Monalisa Perrone, in their cast. “William Bonner on CNN was going to be epic,” bet one. “I’m feeling withdrawal syndrome due to the lack of Bonner …”, lamented another. A third was curious: “They are saying that since yesterday William Bonner left the JN bench without communicating with the management. He just disappeared. Does anyone know if this is the case?” Check out more tweets below:

Globo denied journalist’s departure

In January of this year, columnist Alessandro Lobianco stated that the anchor and editor of “JN” intended to leave the station. “His intention is to leave the command of Jornal Nacional between December 2021 and August 2022. So, he has already warned in advance”, he pointed out in the afternoon. At the time, the broadcaster denied such a rumor. “It doesn’t,” he said.

Tralli rejects CNN’s millionaire proposal

Recently, another global journalist became an issue on social media due to speculation about the change of broadcaster. Quoted to take command from “Jornal Hoje”, Cesar Tralli would have received a proposal with high figures to leave Globo and go to CNN. Ticiane Pinheiro’s husband, however, refused – just like you did Glenda Kozlowski.

In social networks, the global one interacted with an internet user confirming that he would continue on the network. “Sad with what they are saying, that you are leaving. But you deserve it and if it is really true, I wish you success!”, Pointed out the follower. “I will not,” he guaranteed.

(For Marilise Gomes)


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