Woman is pregnant unnoticed and gives birth on the dentist’s chair

Woman is pregnant unnoticed and gives birth on the dentist's chair

Woman is pregnant unnoticed and gives birth on the dentist's chair

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Woman is pregnant unnoticed and gives birth on the dentist’s chair

The young woman from Velp, a town in the Netherlands, is in the process of taking her son to emergency care on his bike. The Dutch newspaper “Gelderlander” reports on this. Because of the weather, the roads are slippery, she slips with her bike and falls. Fortunately, nothing happened, she can get up and safely brings her child to the care center. But a short time later, the 23-year-old felt stitches in her stomach. The inevitable conclusion is that the fall did have consequences. Suddenly she can hardly stand in the pain. A pedestrian rushes to her aid and calls a police car.

23-year-old gives birth to a surprise baby

The officers immediately see what Jessica thinks is impossible: She is pregnant – despite her menstrual period and no baby bump. You barely manage to get her to a nearby dentist’s office. There the young woman gives birth to her surprise child in the dentist’s chair within a short time.

According to local media reports, there was hardly enough time to put on gloves. One of the officers was just able to “catch” the baby. But at first the baby doesn’t breathe, doesn’t make a sound. One of the officers quickly begins to gently massage the newborn’s chest – and lo and behold: the child takes its first breath. After a while, it finally starts to cry too and is quickly taken to the hospital with its mother.

No signs of pregnancy

As it turns out, the newborn is a premature baby, is born ten weeks early and weighs only 1450 grams. It must have grown deep in the back of the 23-year-old’s belly so that she did not notice it. She names the child after her grandfather, Herman. Meanwhile, he and his mother are fine again. The baby has to stay in the hospital for a while, where it is being oxygenated because of the early birth and a collapsed lungs.

Police pay the dental practice’s cleaning bill

Not so good news followed: The dental practice, which received a cake from the police as a thank you, sent the 23-year-old an invoice for cleaning the practice room. Jessica is supposed to pay over 200 euros. She said to “Gelderlander”: “It’s pretty bizarre that they issue an invoice for it.” But the young mother is lucky. The police, who found out about the bill, are kind enough to pay the costs.

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