Araguayans ask to go from being fed up in networks to mobilizing against the Government

Araguayans ask to go from being fed up in networks to mobilizing against the Government

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Asunción, Mar 4 (EFE) .- Citizens convened themselves before Congress this Thursday to express their exhaustion with the Government of Mario Abdo Benítez, of the conservative Colorado Party, before the management of the pandemic, after the open health crisis with the shortage of medicines.

Citizens are spreading the call on social networks with the hashtag # I amparaelmarzo2021, alluding to other convulsed Marchs such as 1999, with the murder of Vice President Luis María Argaña and subsequent demonstrations in which eight people died.

And in relation to March 31, 2017, with the burning of Congress to prevent the then president, Horacio Cartes, from taking forward the constitutional amendment that would allow his re-election.

Society has begun to express its dissatisfaction with the Government after complaints from health personnel and patients who have found underserved hospitals, without medicines or health supplies, and have been forced to buy drugs and materials out of their own pockets. necessary to cover your treatments.

The indignation grows when it is recalled that the Executive approved in March 2020 a loan of 1.6 billion dollars to face the pandemic, with social aid, subsidies or health purchases.

Paraguayans also await the arrival of more vaccines, since so far Paraguay has only obtained a batch of 4,000 doses of Sputnik V, reserved for personnel in white.

Only this week the health and teacher unions have taken to the streets to demonstrate, the former due to the shortage of medicines and the latter due to the lack of safety when returning to classes.

They will be joined this Friday by self-convened citizens who are also supported by well-known personalities, from journalists to “influencers.”


The perception of citizens in the networks is that the Government remains deaf and myopic to the needs of the people, or that Abdo Benitez himself lives in a “thermos.”

The president acknowledged in an act that he had stopped following the daily information because the media criticized him and that his morning reading is the Bible.

The president bases the success of his management on the inauguration of works and infrastructure, mainly roads, and family health units that are part of his agenda every week.

Regarding the effect of the pandemic, his speech follows the good economic indicators of international organizations, which place Paraguay as one of the least affected countries in macroeconomic terms.

However, Paraguayan society demands a dignified health service and the fight against corruption that has already affected the Ministry of Health, after several scandals in the purchase of supplies.


Various opposition representatives have taken the opportunity to capitalize on citizen discontent and request the impeachment of Abdo Benítez, such as Senator Sixto Pereira, from the left-wing opposition group Frente Guasu, on Thursday.

Pereira said that the president is improvising in his administration and defended the impeachment as a solution to recover the institutionality of the State.

In this Thursday’s session, the Senate also approved with 30 votes the request for the resignation of the Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni, the Vice Minister of Health, Julio Rolón, and the Director of Health Surveillance, Guillermo Sequera.

The health crisis occurs one year after the first case of coronavirus in the country, which accumulates 3,218 deaths and some 162,000 infected to date.

And when Abdo Benítez approaches the halfway point of his term, in August.

The date will also coincide with the second anniversary of its greatest political crisis, when the existence of a secret agreement with Brazil to purchase energy from the Itaipu dam became known.

The president was then on the verge of impeachment, which did not prosper due to the last-minute support of former president Cartes, of the rival Colorado faction to that of Abdo Benítez.

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