Coronavirus deaths allegedly concealed in the USA

Coronavirus deaths allegedly concealed in the USA

Coronavirus deaths allegedly concealed in the USA

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Coronavirus deaths allegedly concealed in the USA

It was claimed that the number of new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) deaths in nursing homes, which caused controversy in the state of New York of the USA, was deliberately underestimated as a result of the intervention of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s senior advisors to health officials.

According to the news in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal based on people who have knowledge about the subject, the report released by the New York Governorship in July 2020 shows only those who died of Kovid-19 in nursing homes, those who were caught and hospitalized in nursing homes and died. noted that it was not included.

In the news, it was claimed that Cuomo’s consultants and health officials had prior knowledge of the total number of Kovid-19-related deaths in about 600 nursing homes in the state, but it was revealed that the data was deliberately hidden from the public.


In the 76-page report published by the New York Attorney General’s Office on January 28, the state’s health department was criticized for showing up to 50 percent less Kovid-19 deaths in nursing homes.

In the report, it was noted that as a result of the investigations initiated in the nursing homes in New York after the complaint made last summer, more than 15 thousand deaths were detected despite the Kovid-19 related death report announced by the New York state officials around 8,500.

The Cuomo administration was accused of hiding real data in nursing homes.

Cuomo’s chief adviser, Melissa DeRose, argued to state lawmakers on February 10 that they were delaying the release of data on nursing homes because they were worried that it was politicized by the former president Donald Trump’s administration.

In a report based on the records obtained by the Associated Press (AP), it was also claimed that state officials sent more than 9 thousand patients who were infected with the virus from hospitals to nursing homes in the first months of the epidemic.

In the report, it was also noted that the figure in question was 40 percent more than the rate reported by the state health department in the first months of the epidemic, and the state administration was criticized by nursing home residents and their families for spreading the epidemic more and causing deaths.

At the press conference on February 16, Cuomo acknowledged that they made mistakes and were not transparent enough about the criticism of the concealment of Kovid-19 deaths in nursing homes, “We should have shared the Kovid-19 data in nursing homes with the public. It could have been different, we learned our lesson. ” he had spoken.


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