Europe wants to have a unique “covid-19 passport”

Europe wants to have a unique “covid-19 passport”

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20 days after the start of the boreal spring, several European countries want to make sure that they will be able to open their windows to tourism and business. That is why, this morning, Ursula von der Leyen, current president of the European Commission, said that it was in the spirit of several members of the group to finalize the details for that Europeans can travel with a “Covid-19 passport”.

The certificate will be a “Digital Green Pass” which will include medical data of each individual: if they had coronavirus, if they received vaccines or not yet, if a PCR and it was negative or if you have a test that proves you have antibodies against coronavirus.

Anyway, the president of the European group warned that the 27 member countries of the EU they did not unanimously agree. While Spain and Greece breathe a sigh of relief with the news that it will reactivate their economies, Brussels continues to prefer a certificate of medical use exclusively.

Time passes and before the third wave of the pandemic looms which some doomsayers already foresee, von del Leyen prefers first to agree “at home” with the German deputies.

Via twitter he warned that the proposal would have to be list in march and that, in any case, “the data protection, security and privacy of each traveler will be respected.”

In the face of spring and economic recovery, several European countries ask to issue a pass that allows people to travel reporting your medical data in relation to the coronavirus

Margaritis Schinas, in charge of the EU Health and Safety area, was more precise with the dates and assured that the initiative will have to Announce March 17, for the heads of state to study and are issued at the summit of March 25 and 26.

Anyway, this “pass” to cross European borders or even travel abroad it does not yet receive unanimous support, as some consider that it mixes “mobility” with vaccination.

Such is the case of Luxembourg, who already warned that he would reject it because gives “more rights to a vaccinated person”. This is so – says the small Grand Duchy – when it is not even known if the vaccine prevents transmission and worse, there is talk of vaccines that are not available to everyone the Europeans.

To Luxembourg the pass will generate inequality because it gives more rights to those vaccinated against the coronavirus

“We are well aware of the enormous efforts and European sacrifices, and under no circumstances will we proceed with this work in a way that does not respect the requirements ”, stressed Schinas.

Citing Eric Mamer, spokesman for Von der Leyen, the Europa Press agency points out that the aim of this certificate is to “facilitate the movements” of Europeans. And Mamer remembered that freedom of movement is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the EU.

Von der Leyen defended his proposal on Twitter, arguing that the goal of the pass is for Europeans to be able to “move gradually safely” both within the EU and abroad, either on “business or tourist” trips.

Today, countries like Belgium and Germany still keep their borders closed to trips considered non-essential, such as Belgium or Germany, and most member states require a negative PCR result to enter them, in addition to a second test before returning or, failing that, save post-trip quarantine so as not to spread the disease if you are a carrier of coronavirus.


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