Final break with Harry? Your patience is at the end

 Final break with Harry? Your patience is at the end

Queen Elizabeth, Prinz Harry

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Queen Elizabeth, Prinz Harry

Queen Elizabeth is considered prudent, but the behavior of her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan is said to bring the Queen to the end of her patience.

Last year was already for Queen Elizabeth, 94, not easy: Her son’s complications Prinz Andrew, 61, in the Epstein-Scandal shook the whole world in 2020, also gave grandson Prince Harry, 36, and his wife Herzogin Meghan, 39, announced that they would be stepping down as Senior Royals and leaving the UK.

2021 will not be an easy year for Queen Elizabeth

But the British monarch will be hit even harder in 2021: After Harry and Meghan announced that they would not continue to work as senior royals for the royal family even after their probationary year, it became known that the Sussex US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, 67, 67, in a detailed Interview questions will be available. The almost two-hour conversation should be about Meghan’s entry into life as a royal, her marriage, motherhood, philanthropic work and dealing with life under strong public pressure. The first trailers that have been published in the last few days already show: Harry and Meghan will become the British royal family do not spare – on the contrary!

Great concern for Prince Philip

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth has other, even more serious, worries: her husband Prinz Philip, 99, has been in hospital for over two weeks. It was announced yesterday that he had successfully survived heart surgery. A great burden for the 94-year-old, after all, she is currently unable to visit her husband due to the corona pandemic.

The Queen’s patience is at the end

That Harry and Meghan still stick to the planned broadcast of their interview and also the palace for hold the recent allegations of bullying against the Duchess responsible, now makes the otherwise so level-headed queen really angry. Her patience with grandson Harry is at the end, insider circles say, the Queen is “beside herself”. That the palace announced after the allegations against Meghan, to investigate the case thoroughly, just show how disappointed the queen is now. “The palace has never before brought a member of the royal family to justice, and this move represents a serious blow to the Duchess’ carefully curated victim status,” writes Royal expert Richard Kay in his column for the Daily Mail. “It also shows that the Queen’s reserve of patience for her grandson Harry has hit rock bottom.”

Prince William is disappointed in his brother

Also Prince William, 36, should To be “sad and shocked” about his brother’s behavior. “They [Queen Elizabeth und Prinz William] feel that Harry and Meghan’s side of the story portrays the entire royal family in an unfair way, “a source told US Weekly.” The palace knows they won’t be portrayed in the best light on Sunday, but they definitely don’t want Harry and Meghan to be victims afterwards! ”

The interview, entitled “Oprah with Meghan and Harry”, will be broadcast on March 7th during prime time US American time on “CBS”. Just a few hours before, Queen Elizabeth, 94, along with six other high-ranking royals appear in a special on Commonwealth Day on television.

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  • What does his visit to the hospital really mean?
    What does his visit to the hospital really mean?
    It has been almost a week since Prince Philip, 99, came to King Edward VII’s Hospital. It is purely a precautionary measure after he has not felt well, according to the official statement of the royal family. But Queen Elizabeth’s husband, 94, is still not home. Now his eldest son, Prince Charles, is even visiting him, despite the currently strict Corona conditions. Prince Charles leaves the hospital troubled Doctors are said to have recommended the 99-year-old to stay in the hospital until the weekend, although he is doing well. The same applies to the Duke of Edinburgh: Due to the corona pandemic, visitors may only be admitted under “exceptional circumstances”. That’s why his son’s visit causes a stir – especially because Charles looks upset when he leaves the hospital. But the behavior of the palace in the current situation gives rise to hope. Sources used: own research,

  • At this appearance he is more casual than it has been in a long time
    At this appearance he is more casual than it has been in a long time
    Prince Harry fans watch out – the 36-year-old is back. After moving to the United States with Duchess Meghan, 39, and son Archie, 2, the family’s appearances were rare. While the whole world is now eagerly awaiting the interview between the two of them with presenter Oprah Winfrey, Harry shows himself on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. Drinking f *** tea on the street was not a good idea. On the deck of a tour bus They drive through Los Angeles. The presenter has prepared a classic British tea. In the process, the two quickly realize that drinking tea while driving is not such a smart idea. When they hit the brakes, they spill tea all over the deck and Harry slips out unpleasant words Sources used: self-research,

  • Experts suspect their relationship will never be the same again
    Experts suspect their relationship will never be the same again
    The rivalry between the brothers is said to have peaked during the “Megxit”. But even before that, rumors had been circulating that Prince Harry, 36, and Prince William, 38, were getting further and further apart. During his Africa tour with Duchess Meghan, 39, Harry also discusses his relationship with his brother in an interview for the TV documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey”. Prince Harry + Prince William: There will never be a close bond again Harry and William are said to have grown closer in the last few months, reveals the royal expert Katie Nicholl to “Entertainment Tonight”. Nevertheless, they and one other expert are certain that the relationship between the brothers will never be the same as it used to be. Source used: Entertainment Tonight, Daily Mail




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