Friendly Reminder – Meghan bullying is still stupid

Friendly Reminder - Meghan bullying is still stupid

A couple sticks together: Meghan and Harry's lawyers find clear words against new allegations and vehemently reject current allegations of bullying against the Duchess.

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A couple sticks together: Meghan and Harry’s lawyers find clear words against new allegations and vehemently reject current allegations of bullying against the Duchess.

A few days before the much-anticipated tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, former employees of the Sussex couple speak out – and raise serious allegations against Meghan. All bulls ***? The Atlantic separates the spirits here.

There seem to be two kinds of people at the moment: those who Meghan «Duchess of Sussex» Markle think stupid and those who take their side. The good news: The fronts seem to be clearly separated – by this large body of water called the Atlantic. And overnight the public debate on the Causa Markle entered a new round.

The Times (the British) has published an article in which former employees of the ducal couple claim that Meghan was not very nice to them, there is even talk of bullying. It is alleged that the Duchess “bullied” individual staff members.

Lawyers attack the palace

After all – Meghan also has a say in the new allegations via a statement from her lawyers. They condemn these accusations in the strongest possible terms and, in turn, raise allegations. This is nothing more than a “calculated smear campaign” by Buckingham Palace to continue to “spread a false narrative” before that Oprah-Winfrey-Tell-All-Interview runs on TV.

“We are disappointed that this slanderous portrait of the Duchess of Sussex is even believed by the media. It is no coincidence that these distorted, several year old allegations go to the British media shortly before the Duchess and Duke openly and honestly report on their experiences in recent years ”, the statement continues.

We know this narrative well enough – in short: Meghan is the bad one and is to blame for everything. That – let’s be honest – we have now heard enough. By the way: The Palast, the Times article suggests, rejects any involvement in this new storyline.

In principle, this is a statement against a statement. The timing for this article is still interesting – in fact, people interested in Royal have been dealing with the much-anticipated Oprah interview for a few days. A teaser video that the broadcaster published suggests that the duke couple will address a lot in the 90-minute interview.

Is that why the palace in distant London is panicking and launching a “smear campaign”? Hm. Looks a bit tense. But the same applies here: will we ever find out the truth? Probably not. Somehow the world still has a few other problems to solve right now.

So let’s be brave for a moment and free ourselves from the so-called narratives that are supposed to be hyped on us in this matter: What if Harry and Meghan weren’t famous and rich and royal? Then, for the good of their own mental health and their families, they should be able to quit a job and move very easily. She might even be congratulated on her courageous decision.

Is the world a schoolyard?

It is now well known that the two suffered from what the British press in particular has written about them. It’s a bit like being in the schoolyard – there are people who rant about. Sometimes there are real reasons (which incidentally still never excuses bullying), often rumors or assumptions take on a life of their own. Or you simply have the hay not quite on the same stage and moan around.

After all, the schoolyard is still a somewhat limited framework (thanks to social media a little less than it used to be). Meghan’s schoolyard is basically the whole world. This is – to put it mildly – quite exhausting at best, extremely stressful at worst. You don’t want to swap with her. It is somehow obvious that there will be press criticism in the Oprah interview. Whether the current Times article only aims to discredit the Sussexes before this interview or – as the saying goes – to provide an alternative narrative is essentially just one thesis.

A thesis that (once again) pays off that Meghan should be “the bad guy”. And here we are back to where we were many months ago: Just because everyone is doing it, it’s still not ok, Meghan bullying and bullying in general are still uncool.


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