Grosso still has to deliver this week

Grosso still has to deliver this week


Sion – Lugano and Zurich – Lucerne are the games with which the 23rd round of the Super League will be concluded. It could be one of the last appearances for Sion’s head coach Fabio Grosso.

Fabio Grosso has been the head coach of FC Sion since August 25, 2020, i.e. for six months and a week. If he were to be deposed these days, he would still have held office for an above-average length of time, by Valaisian standards. Over the past eight years, the average length of stay of a head coach under President Christian Constantin has been five months and a half week.

All trainers are the same in front of the Constantin. For the president, it is not relevant which reputation or which palmarès the coaches bring to the Valais. In Italy, Fabio Grosso has been a constant, if not a hero, since the 2006 World Cup triumph. His 1: 0 in the extension of the semifinals against Germany is as immortal as the endless screaming (“Gol di Grosso! Gol di Grosso! Gol di Grosso! …)” from the freaking television commentator.

In the tourbillon, nostalgia and merits are worthless. Fabio Grosso has neither scored enough points in his six months, nor has the squad advanced much in terms of development. Whenever you thought that the team had found the right footing and the desired consistency, setbacks followed. That was the case, for example, after the appealing performances in the first three games of the season, including a draw against YB and Lugano. In the fourth game, the Sion team delivered a disappointing performance and only achieved a 0-0 at home against Lausanne-Sport.

The first win of the season, a 2-0 at home against Servette, was followed by a black series with four defeats. Most recently, the Valais seemed to have catered for well. They took one point with them from Basel, and in the 1-1 draw in Zurich they only missed the three points because of a lack of chances. Just after that, the 2-0 defeat in the tourbillon against the bottom Vaduz followed last Sunday.

Constantin should also blame the coach for the many changes in both the game system and the line-up. If the team had convinced with a three-way defense at 1-1 in Zurich, Grosso switched back to a back four against Vaduz. Also, Grosso hardly gave various players opportunities to play for a long time this season, only to suddenly force the same players in important games. An example of a player with an unbalanced load is full-back Ivan Martic.

It is to be expected that Christian Constantin will let two more games pass before he decides for or against Grosso. Because just three days after the match against Lugano, the Valais will compete in Lausanne on Sunday. Constantin will hardly change anything between these games. After that he will have a week.

The Super League games on Thursday at a glance:

Sion – Lugano (2: 2, 1: 1). – Thursday, 6.15 p.m. – SR Schnyder. – Absences: Grgic, Bamert, Karlen (all blocked), Hoarau, Zock, Doldur, Araz, Kabashi and Lacroix (all injured); Guerrero (injured). – Doubtful: Andersson; Custodio and Maric. – Statistics: Need and misery play against each other in the tourbillon on Thursday evening. Sion is already in the middle of the fight against relegation, Lugano is on the way to also get into the vortex. The Ticino won a single victory in the last 14 championship games. Eight draws during this time could not prevent falling back into a dangerous zone. Sion won at least two of the last eight games, but the last impression was a bad one: the 0-2 at home against the bottom Vaduz. Predicting a draw for Thursday’s game is sensible, as there have only been two winners in the last ten duels.

Zurich – Lucerne (2-0, 0-0). – Thursday, 8.30 p.m. – SR Bieri. – Absences: Sobiech, Tosin, Reichmuth (all injured) and Janjicic (advanced training); Schulz, Ndenge, Schwegler, Binous and Alabi (all injured). – Doubtful: Domgjoni, Dzemaili and Kololli; Grether. – Statistics: It is a duel between two teams that, like other Super League teams, have never achieved a good consistency this season. The Zurich have to process their moderate performance in the 1: 3 defeat in Geneva against Servette, while the Lucerne last fought 2: 2 at home against YB. The last ten duels between Zurich and Central Switzerland were varied: The FCZ won four times, the FCL three times, the other three games ended in a draw.

Ranking: 1st Young Boys 23/52 (41:18). 2. Basel 23/33 (33:33). 3. St. Gallen 23/31 (27:26). 4th Servette 23/31 (26:29). 5. Lausanne-Sport 23/30 (30:28). 6. Zurich 22/29 (33:31). 7. Lugano 22/27 (23:26). 8. Lucerne 22/25 (37:35). 9. Sion 22/22 (25:33). 10. Vaduz 23/22 (21:37).


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