how much to buy and how to cook them to love them for sure?

how much to buy and how to cook them to love them for sure?

Spinach: how much to buy and how to cook them to love them for sure?

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Spinach: how much to buy and how to cook them to love them for sure?

Not overcooked and well hulled, we find ourselves loving spinach. Bad memories of the canteen are far away! Follow our advice on choosing the right spinach and, above all, preparing it well.

How to choose the right spinach and how much to buy?

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Don’t be surprised at their huge volume when raw and the ridiculous little pile that remains in the pan when cooked. As they reduce a lot so buy some at least 1.2 kg for 4.

Sometimes they are sold quite wet, probably because of the weather conditions during the harvest, but in this case, they keep much less well. For this reason, buy them rather dry. And then it will prevent you from paying for water at the cost of spinach !

How to properly prepare spinach?

Unless they’re tiny, it is imperative to hull them carefully to the level of the leaf. The stems are fibrous and after cooking very unpleasant to swallow especially for children who dread vegetables “with threads”!

On some XL size sheets, we recommend the same remove the central coast if it is very thick.

To make them fit into the pan more easily, give a few scissors in the heap to reduce their size a bit.

How to cook spinach?

The good tip is to cook the spinach very briefly so that it stays green and keep a fresh and light flavor, not earthy. If there is water left at the bottom of the pan, drain or squeeze them instead of continuing to cook until it evaporates. We just love them sautéed in a pan with garlic and pine nuts or curry and cream.

To make spinach easily enjoyable, especially for children, nothing better thana pie or some puff pastry slippers adding them a little feta and lemon zest, a citrus fruit that suits them very well.

Also have fun slipping them into everyday dishes, such as lasagna or a risotto.

What are the health benefits of spinach?

The iron richness of spinach? A little overrated. Better to eat blood sausage or lentils.

On the other hand, they are rich in fiber as well as vitamin B9, important for emotional balance, good mood and sleep as well as vitamin K, which works to prevent fractures due to osteoporosis.

Spinach is also super good in detox juice with pineapple, lime and a little avocado.

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What to accompany raw spinach?

Delicate and refreshing, small spinach leaves – they are also called baby spinach – are excellent in salad to which you can add a little extra so that it is not too basic. It can be nuts, bacon or some gizzards finely sliced, from the egg, poached or hard, or even a remnant of peanuts of the last aperitif!

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