“I would like to have a coffee with the jets”



This Thursday, when opening the transmission of This morning, your program in Radio Rivadavia, Luis Majul He said that he was the protagonist of a robbery. To bring peace of mind, the journalist asked his sisters live: “If you talk to mom, tell her that nothing happened to me“.

According to him, the driver had left his vehicle parked on Calle Fraga at 100 and, when he returned to look for it, he found it open. “They made the door ball when pushing with a bar“, he detailed. And so they were able to take the journalist’s backpack, which was inside.

Despite facing the “bad time” of a situation of insecurity “as happens to any son of a neighbor in the City of Buenos Aires, and in the Province, not to mention”, Majul stressed that there is “good news.” “As in a kind of chain of favors, someone found the backpack and sent it to me”Said the driver, who He should only have regretted the loss of a laptop: he was able to recover his documents. “I think they were in such a hurry that they left a lot of things,” he considered about the actions of the thieves.

In addition, he drew a comparison. “Just like in that song by (Joaquin) Sabina, I send a big hug to the jets. I would like have a coffee with them to exchange some information and why not, life experiences: I would like to know what goes through your head to take such a risk”, He reflected.


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