Learn 6 delicious recipes taught by female chefs and culinarians

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Chapati, stroganoff, banana cake and more! See recipes from female chefs and culinarians like Paola Carosella and Rita Lobo!

This Monday, on International Women’s Day (8), we could not fail to pay tribute to great names that add to gastronomy Brazilian and from different countries. For this reason, we have compiled a list of delicious recipes from female chefs and culinarians that you can test and taste whenever and wherever you want. There is a dish for all tastes! And we already said that all the recipes are easy to prepare, so, beginner in the kitchen, your time has come! Check it out now!

Video: Cupcake with bacon and french toast for breakfast | The Cupcake War | Food Network Brasil (Dailymotion)

Recipes from female chefs and culinarians to test at home

Kátia Barbosa feijoada dumpling


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